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2500 W Layton Medical Building

2500 W Layton Medical Building is a medical office building that houses dozens of independent practices, offering a strategic synergy of medical services to Milwaukee’s south side. Medical practices utilizing the building space include vascular and wound care services, comprehensive imaging, opthalmology, optometry, podiatry, cardiology, GI, rheumotology, primary care, laboratory services, pharmacy, and physical therapy. 

2500 W Layton took the Better Buildings Challenge pledge and received a free energy assessment in 2016 while researching improvement projects. As a result of the assessment, the building discovered and plans to address inefficiencies within select building systems and has jumpstarted ongoing efforts to reduce energy use and operating expenses.

Photograph of Terry Gallant, Real Estate Manager, CBREAs a company, we feel very strongly about the importance of benchmarking and at 2500 W Layton, we have seen many benefits of Better Buildings Challenge program participation. Not only were we made aware of system inefficiencies, but we've also seen intangible differences, such as increases in tenant satisfaction, since the upgrades were completed.
Terry Gallant, Real Estate Manager, CBRE Inc as agent of FEAP of Milwaukee, LLC

Energy Performance

2500 W Layton has been utilizing ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® since 2009. Over time, 2500 W Layton has seen a steady decrease in energy use, with a slight increase in 2012 that likely correlates with historically high occupancy.

As a result of a renovation that wrapped up March 2017, tenants on the lower floor of the building now utilize Hyperbaric chambers, vascular center, wound care center, and a full imaging suite including a 3.1T MRI machine. The building expects to see energy use increase as a result and looks forward to working with the Better Buildings Challenge to assist with benchmarking future use appropriately.

Completed Projects

Lighting Project Completed Icon Plug Loads and Controls Project Not Completed Icon Building Envelope Completed Icon HVAC Project Completed Icon Appliances and Equipment Project Not Completed Icon On Site Generation Not Completed Icon Water Project Not Completed Icon

Plug Loads
& Controls



& Equipment




  • LED Lighting - All common area lighting fixtures were replaced with LEDs and the T-12 fluorescent and incandescent lighting in offices and waiting areas are replaced with LEDs as tenants move out and management builds out new spaces.


  • New Windows - 18 windows were replaced in 2015 and the remaining 25 were replaced in 2016.
  • New Roof - The original roof of the building was leaky and inefficient, forcing the temperature control systems to work overtime. By replacing and bringing the roof up to code in 2016, the building has been able to maintain much more efficient heating and cooling and was able to cut the HVAC operating hours in half to match the buildings times of use between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. 2500 W Layton has also implemented a roof maintenance program and service is completed on a regular basis to ensure continued optimal efficiency.
  • Added Insulation - During the roof renovation, an inch and a half of insulation was added to further assist with building heating and cooling efficiency.


  • Trane HVAC unit - The old rooftop unit was replaced in 2010 with a more efficient Trane unit utilizing R410A, which, when combined with the new roof, has allowed the building to cut its HVAC operating time in half. The new model is a Trane unit that is manually adjustable and currently operates on an automatic timing system based on the building's use.

Future Plans

As part of ongoing efficiency upgrades planned, 2500 W Layton has budgeted for restroom improvements in 2018. 

2500 Layton Medical Building completed an operational assessment through the Better Building’s Challenge partnership with Rivion. The goal of the assessment was to evaluate current tenant spaces and to prepare a capital plan that compliments specific building requirements as leases expire and space becomes available. These include among other items VAV’s, controls and lightening. The plan is in place which now provides ownership with the necessary information to make informed leasing decisions. The plan includes information on the costs, savings and efficiencies of the various improvements which is vital to structuring a financially viable lease deal while maximizing building efficiency.

Fast Facts

2500 W Layton Ave, Milwaukee, 53221

Year Built

41,908 sq ft

Building Type
Medical Office

FEAP of Milwaukee, LLP

Joined Pledge

20% reduction in Energy Use Intensity by 2026


Program Participation

Knowledge Icon Energy Assessment Icon Projects/O&M Icon
Financing and Incentives Icon    


Project Types

Lighting Project Completed Icon Building Envelope Project Completed Icon HVAC Project Completed Icon


Project Highlight: LED Lighting

Since 2016, all lighting in the common areas of the 2500 W Layton Medical Building have been converted to LEDs. The previous recessed spotlight fixtures were dim and inefficient and as a result of the recent upgrade, tenants' satisfaction has greatly improved and management has received much positive feedback regarding the brighter spaces. 2500 W Layton has applied for Focus on Energy incentives for their LED lighting project and, upon approval, will receive $1,280.

Building Contact

Terry Gallant
Real Estate Manager
FEAP of Milwaukee, LLP
[email protected]
(262) 309-5861

Why Participate?

2500 W Layton initially pursued Better Buildings Challenge participation for financial reasons, but ultimately took the pledge as an act of environmental stewardship and for assistance with energy reduction.

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