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PACE Milwaukee helps commercial property owners affordably finance energy or water efficiency, renewable energy, electric vehicle infrastructure, energy reliability, stormwater controls, and other resiliency upgrades with no up-front, out-of-pocket costs. Lenders and contractors provide the capital and knowledge to make the project a reality.

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Process Overview

  1. Select a Contractor: Property owners select registered contractors to develop projects.
  2. Conduct an Energy Assessment: An eligible property owner must obtain an energy assessment of the existing water and/or energy use of relevant systems, or code baseline usage in the case of new construction, and include a modeling of expected monetary savings to be achieved by the project.
  3. Select a Lender: Property owners arrange project financing with a qualified financial institution of their choice.
  4. Apply for Financing: The property owner and PACE Lender apply to the program for PACE Financing.
  5. Complete a Loan Agreement: If approved for financing, the City of Milwaukee, property owner, and PACE Lender enter into a PACE Supplemental Loan Agreement that governs the terms of the PACE Special Charge. 

Get Started with PACE

Get involved with making Milwaukee buildings more sustainable.

View 2023 Program Manual

Looking for detailed answers to your questions? Find them in the program manual. Recent updates to the PACE program include the addition of renewable energy, electric vehicle infrastructure, energy reliability, stormwater controls and other resiliency upgrades as eligible for financing. 

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Explore Financed Projects

Curious what projects have already been financed? Explore examples of different sizes and scopes. Scroll through the gallery of participating Milwaukee buildings for details on financed improvements like HVAC, building shell, LED lighting, water conservation, windows, wall insulation, and more!

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Find Detailed Presentations

Looking for more details on eligible projects and program specifics? Learn from subject matter experts with past webinar recordings. Find presentations on electric vehicle charging infrastructure, green infrastructure and stormwater projects, PACE Program guideline updates, and more!

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