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Sid Grinker Restoration

Photo of Sid Grinker Restoration

Sid Grinker Restoration is a fire and water damage emergency response and restoration business that was founded in 1958 by Sid Grinker. It has been family owned and operated ever since. It has been at its current location of 416 W Walnut since the early 1970s, but the two buildings that house the business experienced a change of formality in recent years with the creation of Mike and Sharon’s real estate business, It Had To Be You, LLC.

Being in the business of improving buildings, Sid Grinker has worked closely with peer Better Buildings Challenge participants, including 411 East Wisconsin Center and City Center @ 735. With a massive renovation of their own scheduled, Sid Grinker Restoration took the pledge and received a free energy assessment in 2016. Sid Grinker Restoration is now undergoing a complete renovation and expansion, including the acquisition of a third building, set to be complete in the fall of 2017.

Photo of Shari Engstrom, Marketing Manager, Sid Grinker RestorationWe have a very strong commitment to the environment in general and to improving Milwaukee's built environment in particular. Every time we help somebody, it's an unexpected renovation. Our goal is not to just fix the damage, but to put the building back together in the best way possible.
Shari Engstrom, Marketing Manager

Energy Performance

Since joining the Better Buildings Challenge, Sid Grinker Restoration integrated several recommendations from their free energy efficiency assessment into their remodel and have seen significant improvement as a result.

The energy usage shows increased expenditure and usage that mirrors increases in staff numbers, booms in business, and the added energy consumption from running construction equipment since acquiring the third building. However, without the completed efficiency upgrades these impacts would be much higher.

Completed Projects

Lighting Project Completed Icon Plug Loads and Controls Project Complete Icon Building Envelope Complete Icon HVAC Project Complete Icon Appliances and Equipment Project Not Completed Icon On Site Generation Complete Icon Water Project Complete Icon

Plug Loads
& Controls



& Equipment




  • LED Lighting

Plug Loads & Controls

  • Occupancy sensors on lights


  • Closed-cell foam insulation in excess of that required by current codes
  • New overhead doors and main door in warehouse


  • 95% AFUE state of the art fully condensing boiler providing both radiant in-floor heating for the space and heating of the domestic hot water, thus eliminating the need for a separate water heater

On-Site Generation

  • Solar panel system on roof generating more than 45,000 kwhr/yr (enough to fully power three buildings)


  • Permeable stone parking lot

Future Plans

As part of a major renovation and expansion, Sid Grinker is adding a third building to their site. Plans for this building include energy efficient HVAC equipment, sky lights to increase day lighting, efficient windows, and improving the roof.

Fast Facts

416 W Walnut St, Milwaukee, WI 53212

Year Built
1948, 1967

8,000 sq ft

Building Type
Mixed Use - Office & Warehouse

It Had To Be You, LLC


Joined Pledge

20% reduction in Energy Use Intensity by 2026


Program Participation

Knowledge Icon Energy Assessment Icon Projects/O&M Icon
Financing and Incentives Icon    


Project Types

Lighting Project Completed Icon Plug Loads and Controls Project Complete Icon Building Envelope Project Completed Icon
HVAC Project Completed Icon On-Site Generation Project Completed Icon Water Project Completed Icon


Project Highlight: Permeable Parking Lot

The installation of permeable stone allows for better stormwater management to reduce runoff and improve water quality.


Building Contact

Mike Grinker
President, Sid Grinker Restoration
[email protected]


Why Participate?

Sid Grinker Restoration took the pledge to amplify their commitment to the betterment of Milwaukee and the environment.

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