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PACE Milwaukee seeks interest from banks, credit unions, and other capital providers to become qualified to offer PACE Financing. Property owners have the flexibility to select their preferred PACE Lender for a project. The open market model gives property owners access to a range of private lenders who offer competitive rates and financing terms and conditions. The information provided by PACE Lenders will be used to link capital providers, project developers, energy service companies, installers and contractors, energy auditors, engineering firms, utility companies, property owners, and others to develop and fund qualified PACE Projects.

Green infrastructure on a building

Program Steps

Follow these steps to become a Qualified PACE Lender:

  1. Submit a Request for Qualifications: The interested capital provider must complete the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for consideration by the Program Administrator. This infromation can also be provided through the Project Center.
  2. Become a Qualified PACE Lender: If the RFQ is approved by the Program Administrator, the lender will execute a Milwaukee PACE Capital Provider Agreement, which will be counter-signed by the Program Administrator.
  3. List Services on PACE Website: Upon approval and execution of the agreement, the lender provider will be listed on the Milwaukee PACE website as a Participating PACE Lender. A lender may elect to not be listed online.
  4. Seek Approval for PACE Financing: Qualified PACE Lenders will receive information from the program regarding financing opportunities as well as pertinent developments.

Get Started with PACE

Become a qualified lender and support sustainability projects in Milwaukee.

View 2023 Program Manual

Looking for detailed answers to your questions? Find them in the program manual. Recent updates to the PACE program include the addition of renewable energy, electric vehicle infrastructure, energy reliability, stormwater controls and other resiliency upgrades as eligible for financing. 

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View Participating Lenders

Curious what other lenders are already participating? Scroll through the list of qualified organizations. A variety of lenders support projects large and small, helping fund retrofit investments that can lower operating costs, raise property values, and improve services that attract and retain tenants.

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Explore Financed Projects

Curious what projects have already been financed? Explore examples of different sizes and scopes. Scroll through the gallery of participating Milwaukee buildings for details on financed improvements like HVAC, building shell, LED lighting, water conservation, windows, wall insulation, and more!

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