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Mobile Food Establishments
Vendedores Móvíles de Comida


Sanitation and Safety Training

El Saneamiento y el Entrenamiento de Seguridad

Operators may arrange for a training session at their establishment by calling (414) 286-5746, or if preferred can watch the following video available in either English or Spanish:


Food Peddler Permit applications are processed by the License Division of the City Clerk's office.

Ice Cream Peddlers

Vendedores Ambulate de Helados

Every person who physically operates an ice cream vending vehicle or any person who physically conducts the vending of ice cream or similar frozen confections from a vehicle or from a carried container must have an Ice Cream Peddler's License. These licenses are issued by the License Division of the City Clerk's office.

Toda persona que opera físicamente un vehículo ambulante de helados o cualquier persona que físicamente realiza la venta de helados o dulces helados similares a partir de un vehículo o carrillo ambulante,  debe tener una licencia de vendedores ambulantes de helado. Estas licencias son emitidas por la División de Licencias de la oficina del Secretario de la Ciudad de Milwaukee.