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Main Office

The City of Milwaukee Health Department's address and phone along with contact info for common inquiries.


Listings, locations and contact information for all clinics we offer.

General Inquiries

Email form for specific questions you have for us.

Restaurant Complaints

Email form for reporting a complaint on a restaurant or other establishment that sells food.

Media / FOI Act Requests

Contact info for media requests or requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act.

Health Department Locations

Main Office

Frank P. Zeidler Municipal Building
841 North Broadway, 3rd Floor
Milwaukee, WI 53202-3653
Phone:  414-286-3521

Northwest Health Center

7630 W. Mill Road
Phone: 414-286-8820

Keenan Health Center

3200 N. 36 St.
Phone: 414-286-8813

Southside Health Center

1639 S. 23rd St.
Phone: 414-286-8620