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2017 Family Health Fairs

Posted June 8, 2017
The City of Milwaukee Health Department invites you to the 2nd annual Family Health Fairs for free health screenings, services and health information.

June 15 | Northwest Health Center
June 22 | Keenan Health Center
June 29 | Southside Health Center

Find information about the 2017 Family Health Fairs here


Hot Weather Safety

Posted June 9, 2017
As summer arrives, so do warmer temperatures! Stay healthy and safe in the summer heat by staying cool, staying hydrated, and staying informed.

Find hot weather safety tips here.


Lead Poisoning Prevention

Updated February 13, 2017
The most common way children are exposed to high levels of lead is through chipping, peeling and cracking lead-based paint. But lead exposure can also occur through drinking water, soil and other materials. What can you do?

Get Lead Safe in Three: Visit Lead-Safe Milwaukee

Lead Poisoning Prevention Information & Resources


Cribs for Kids Program

Posted June 5, 2017
Reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or accidental death by placing an infant in a safe sleep environment for every nap and every night. Create a safe sleep environment for your infant by following the ABCs of Safe Sleep.
If you need a safe place for your infant to sleep, call the City of Milwaukee Health Department Cribs for Kids Program at (414) 286-8620

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City Beach Water Quality Report
Posted June 22, 2017

Bradford Beach
McKinley Beach
South Shore Beach

More about our Beach Water Testing Program


Commissioner of Health
Bevan K. Baker

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