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MKE Elevate Community Health Improvement Plan

Posted November 9, 2017
Developed with input from residents and stakeholders, the city's first community-driven health improvement plan responds to issues selected by our community, for our community to address. Find the full plan and how to get involved here


Lead Poisoning Prevention

Updated October 31, 2017
Protect your family from lead exposure by getting lead safe! The most common way children are exposed to high levels of lead is through chipping, peeling and cracking lead-based paint. But lead exposure can also occur through drinking water, soil and other materials. What can you do?

Get Lead Safe in Three: Visit Lead-Safe Milwaukee

Find Lead Poisoning Prevention Information & Resources


Milwaukee's Blueprint for Peace

Posted November 22, 2017
Violence is a public health issue. To coordinate and guide a public health approach to violence prevention, Milwaukee's Blueprint for Peace serves as a comprehensive, community-driven agenda for addressing the complex factors that drive violence. Find the full report here.


City of Milwaukee Sanitation Grading System is Coming!

Posted October 31, 2017
Beginning January 2018, the City of Milwaukee will join cities nationwide in launching a grading system for food establishments that will result in letter grades being issued based on the results of routine health inspections. For more information on the system, visit the Milwaukee Sanitation Grading System page here.

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