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Medication Disposal

Posted November 30, 2016
Safely dispose of unwanted, unused or old prescription medications at drop boxes located citywide or by picking up free postage-paid mailing envelopes at participating locations.

Find information and locations here


Zika Virus

Updated August 29, 2016
Zika is an illness caused by the Zika virus that is spread to people through the bite of an infected mosquito.

For more information, please visit the Milwaukee Health Department's Zika webpage.


Lead Poisoning Prevention

Updated December 1, 2016
The main cause of childhood lead exposure is through chipping, peeling and cracking lead-based paint found in homes, especially around windows. If you own a property built before 1950, you may be eligible for subsidized window replacement. Click here for eligibility or call (414) 286-5987.

Have questions about drinking water safety? Visit:
Drinking Water Safety
Drinking Water Filter Program


Health Insurance Enrollment

Updated December 1, 2016
Have health insurance questions? Open enrollment in the Health Insurance Marketplace is underway. Free, in-person help is available before the January 31 deadline.

Click here for more information

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