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Now Hiring: Fire Cadet and Police Aide

Applications are being accepted for Police Aide and Fire Cadet positions with the Milwaukee Police and Fire Departments through November 27, 2017.  This is a great opportunity for youth aged 17-19 to enter into a paid apprenticeship program that can lead to a career as a Milwaukee Police Officer or Firefighter.

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2016 Annual Report Cover Image 

2016 FPC Annual Report

The City of Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission (FPC) is pleased to announce release of its latest annual report, a summary of the FPC's work during 2016. Under the leadership of the Chair, Steven DeVougas and the Board, 2016 was the first full calendar year of work for the Commission’s Executive Director MaryNell Regan. The year saw significant progress on a number of policy, organizational, recruiting, hiring and community relations fronts.


Addendum to 2016 Vehicle Pursuit Report

This addendum to the 2016 Vehicle Pursuit Reports provides statistics related to what are known as "Non-Pursuits". These are incidents in which the subject of a traffic stop flees and, in accordance with policy, the Police Officer does not pursue the fleeing vehicle.

Image of 2016 Vehicle Pursuit Report Cover 

2016 Vehicle Pursuit Report

This report provides a comprehensive overview of Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) vehicle pursuit statistics for 2016 and contextualizes the current data with data going as far back as 2002. It is intended as a factual summary of the relevant statistics, and as such a tool for the public and the Board to utilize when discussing this important topic.


2016 Use of Force Report

The FPC has released our annual Use of Force Report for 2016. This report is authored by Dr. Steven Brandl of the UW-Milwaukee Department of Criminal Justice and provides a systemic, in-depth analysis of force used by the Milwaukee Police Department during 2016 and provides information to monitor changes in patterns, trends, and frequency of incidents over time.

Media Release: Oct. 19, 2017

The Milwaukee Board of Fire and Police Commissioners was established in 1885 by state law and is one of the oldest police oversight agencies in the nation. The Commission was originally created to remove the fire and police services from the influences of politics. Until that time, in Milwaukee, as in most cities, chiefs of both departments were appointed by the mayor, who used these appointments, and the appointment of police officers, as a form of political patronage. The new law made the Fire and Police Commission responsible for setting employment standards, testing candidates for positions in the Fire and Police Departments, and appointing both chiefs. In 1911, the Commission’s authority was expanded to include all aspects of operational oversight of the Fire and Police Departments. The Commission’s authority and responsibility are specified in Wisconsin Statute section 62.50, and in the Milwaukee City Charter.

As Executive Director of the Fire and Police Commission, changing the core function of the FPC’s ability to appoint and remove any police officer, including the Chief, would go against the core mission of keeping our protected services away from the influences of politics. The FPC is comprised of seven diverse community members and reflects the voice of Milwaukee. We also have a robust citizen complaint process that investigates any resident’s complaint against any member, including the Chief. To be consistent with State Law and the wisdom of our forefathers, the methods we employ to investigate wrongdoing and misconduct of any officer, including the Chief, should continue to be utilized for due process, fairness, and justice.


MaryNell Regan, Executive Director

Next Steps for Traffic Safety

Upon recently approving changes to the MPD's vehicle pursuit policy, the Fire and Police Commission sent a letter to the Chair of the Public Safety and Health Committee urging further action towards combatting reckless driving. 

Words of Support from Community Partners

image of letter The Fire and Police Commission (FPC) recently received a commendation from two community partners, commenting on the quality and character of FPC commissioners and staff and expressing support for the FPC’s statutory responsibilities. 


Officer-Involved Death Investigations: Frequently Asked Questions

This document provides answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the investigatory process that occurs whenever there is an officer-involved death involving a Milwaukee Police Department member. 


Update Regarding Residency

On July 26, 2016 the Common Council of the City of Milwaukee adopted legislation that imposes a residency requirement on law enforcement, fire, and designated emergency personnel to reside within 15 miles of the jurisdictional boundaries of the City. This charter ordinance, adopted pursuant to Wis. Stat. Sec. 66.0502 (4)(b), applies to all sworn members of the departments and provides that the Fire and Police Commission (FPC) designate “emergency personnel.” This legislation will become effective October 11, 2016.

The FPC recently updated its rules to be in compliance with the charter ordinance. The following positions have been designated as emergency personnel:  Police Information Systems Director, Emergency Communications Manager, Communications Systems Manager, and Police Facilities Manager; and Fire Technical Services Manager, Fire Dispatch Manager, Fire Equipment Repairs Manager, and Fire Equipment Repairs Supervisor. The positions of Police Aide and Fire Cadet are also designated as emergency personnel.

All employees hired into a position subject to this residency requirement, any incumbent sworn employee, or any civilian who at any time has his/her position designated as subject to this residency requirement, shall be granted a period of time not to exceed six months from the date of hire or the date upon which the designation becomes effective to become compliant with the requirement. Consistent with Sections 5.02-5 and 5.02-6 of the Charter, eligible employees may pursue extensions and hardship exceptions with the FPC.

Additionally, a searchable map has been developed by the FPC and the City’s Information Technology Management Division depicting the 15 mile boundary.



MPD Body Worn Cameras FAQ

The Milwaukee Police Department is in the process of outfitting it's patrol officers and patrol sergeants with body worn video cameras.  Answers to some frequently asked questions have been provided here by the FPC to give the public insight into the process.




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