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2013 MFD Annual Report 

MFD 2013 Annual Report

This 2013 annual report will highlight statistics in typical categories such as response types and times, drilled-down budget figures, appointments and promotions, as well as provide a little background and “what goes on” in the five battalions, special (team) operations, and in our divisions, working hard behind the scenes. These statistics and stories are the framework of the MFD; the culmination of the dedicated front-line and behind-the-scenes work performed by our members. They will give the reader a brief glimpse into the everyday challenges and responsibilities the men and women of the department undertake with skill, compassion, and professionalism.

2013 MPD Annual Report 

MPD 2013 Annual Report

Message from the Chief: My sixth year of serving as Chief of the Milwaukee Police Department began in 2013, and I remain extremely proud to lead a group of men and women with the highest ethical and professional standards who are committed to making Milwaukee a place where all can live safely and without fear. The Milwaukee Police Department is working for you as we reduce the levels of crime, fear, and disorder through community-based, problem-oriented, and data-driven policing.


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