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Election Commission

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Information on Voting Photo ID Requirement

Information on Photo ID for Voting Requirement

Los Hechos sobre Identificación del Elector e Inscripción Electoral

Beginning with the 2016 Spring Primary, all Wisconsin voters must show an acceptable photo ID before they can be issued a ballot to vote. This includes voters at polling places and many absentee voters.

Special Registration Deputy Training

Special Registration Deputy Training

2016 SRD Training Schedule

Special Registration Deputy training classes are held twice a month. See training schedule for dates & locations. Please contact Claire Woodall by email or phone (414) 286-3459 if you would like to become a Special Registration Deputy.

Milwaukee Votes on Tuesday, Nov. 4

Upcoming Elections

Get voter registration deadlines and absentee voting dates for upcoming elections:

Partisan Primary - August 9, 2016

Fall General Election - November 8, 2016

Review Your Voter History

How to Run for Public Office

How to Run for Public Office

Have you ever thought about running for office and wondered exactly what it takes to get your name on the ballot? Find out here!

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David H. Redemann

Robert F. Spindell, Jr.

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