There are several sources of lead you should know about. The most common way children are exposed to high levels of lead is through chipping, peeling or cracking lead-based paint in older homes. When lead is found in drinking water, it is usually because water can dissolve the lead in pipes and plumbing. What can you do to protect your family?


Bust the Dust

Dust and flakes from chipping lead-based paint inside a home are a serious hazard to children's health. Inside your home, use a disposable wet cloth to clean up paint flakes or dust on windowsills, the floor, and on toys. Outside, check for peeling paint A digital illustration of a ball of dust personified and holding a bucket and cleaning rag.near soil and cover those areas with grass or mulch.


Run Your Water
Until It's Cold

If you live in a home with lead pipes or plumbing, run your water if it hasn't been used for several hours. Running your water for three minutes (until it is noticeably colder) brings in fresh water from the city water main. A digital illustration of a drop of water personified and "running" with legs and shoesAlways use water from the cold water tap for cooking and drinking.


Get Kids Tested

The only way to know if your child has been affected by lead is to get a blood lead test. Have your children tested for lead three times before age 3. The best place for testing A digital illustration of a doctor holding up three fingers for lead-safe easy as 1-2-3is to go to your child's doctor or local clinic.

More Resources

Do I Have Lead Paint?

If your home was built before 1978, it most likely does. Find out how to recognize lead paint and when it may be a hazard here. A digital illustration of a house

Do I Have a
Lead Service Line?

Look up an address online here or call (414) 286-2830.

Healthy Habits

The only way to prevent lead poisoning is to keep children away from lead. But healthy habits like good eating, snacking and hand-washing can help reduce the risk of exposure

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