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Requests for Proposals & Request for Qualifications

Real Estate Sales/Development:


1313 and 1329-1331 W. National AvenueBrownfield Commercial Real Estate Development Opportunity

A new brownfield commercial development opportunity is located at 1313 and 1329-1331 W. National Avenue in the Walker’s Point Neighborhood. Proposals will be accepted until 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 11, 2017 at the City of Milwaukee Department of City Development. Asking price is $225,000.


Milwaukee Employment/Rehabilitation Initiative (Sherman Park)  

Following the evaluation of the applications, these six applicants have been selected to participate in the program:

  • Advance Investors, LLC
  • CUBE Development and FIT Investment Group, LLC
  • Ezekiel Community Development
  • Gorman & Co., Inc.
  • Strong Blocks Real Estate, LLC
  • T.E. X LLC

City Real Estate Development Opportunities

The City of Milwaukee offers a variety of properties for sale, including fully rehabilitated homes, tax-foreclosed buildings, vacant lots, surplus municipal facilities and brownfield properties suitable for redevelopment

4th & WI Avenue RFP logo

Premiere Transit-Oriented Development Opportunity 

4th & WI Avenue RFP - Premiere Transit-Oriented Development Opportunity on a Redevelopment Authority of the City of Milwaukee-owned parcel in the heart of Downtown Milwaukee. Released June 22, 2016



Services or Product Procurement:

Bid 57750 - Landscape Code Update and Brochure

RFP 57742 - Grand Trunk/Bay View Wetland Habitat Restoration Project

List of Documents Associated with the RFP 57742:
1. City of Milwaukee Southeast Side Area Plan
2. Bay View Wetland Master Plan
3. AECOM Documents
     a. Channel Restoration Alternative
     b. Wetland Restoration Alternative
     c. River Hydrology and Water Levels Memo
4. Geotechnical Engineering Report – Proposed Bay View Wetlands Culvert
5. Select Milwaukee Estuary AOC Remedial Action Plan Updates
    a. 2016 Plan Update
    b. 2015 Plan Update
    c. 2013 Plan Update
7. City of Milwaukee Utility Information
    a. 466 Area Sewer Map
    b. 1942 – S. Marina Dr. – Plan of Sewer
    c. Grand Trunk Utilities Scan
    d. Marina Drive Area from Microstation
8. SCLI Analysis for Bay View Wetland – Communication Document
9. AES Project Memo – Water Levels





2017 Bid Results:

Past Bid Results:



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