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Landlord Training Program

The award-winning Landlord Training Program operates out of the Department of Neighborhood Services (DNS) downtown location. Its goal is to teach landlords fundamental ways to keep illegal activity out of their property, and how to manage it if/when nuisance activity does appear. Considerable focus is also applied to operating according to the codes, laws and government directives that apply to rental properties as well as tried-and-true practices aimed at minimizing conflict and damage in area neighborhoods. This program was a runner-up for the Ford Foundation Harvard Kennedy School of Government Awards program, and a 1996 winner of the Innovations In Government award sponsored by the City of Milwaukee Mayor and Common Council.

The classes are FREE, and held on a regular basis throughout the year at various locations to include local libraries. They are also held on evenings and weekends to accommodate virtually anyone's schedule. The classes are generally either one (1) five-hour session in one day, or two (2) 2.5-hour sessions over two evenings. Attendees get a free 45-page comprehensive manual, and handouts on a variety of legal and business issues related to managing property. Each class also includes professional guest speakers ranging from Court Commissioners and City Attorneys to towing companies and pest control.

*2017* Landlord Training Program Class Schedule:   September-December

To Register for an Upcoming Landlord Training Class:

Please INCLUDE the following information in your email: name, complete address + ZIP, email address, telephone number, and the date(s) of the class you prefer, and please email to: or call (414) 286-2954. 


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Apartment Life: A Student Guide (DNS-100)

Use this guide for helpful suggestions about apartment life.

Contact Brochure for Property Owners (DNS-105)

Contacts for Milwaukee building and property owners.

Contactos Para Propietarios de Propiedades - (Spanish DNS-105S)

Contactos para Milwaukee propietarios de edificios y propiedades.

Handrail Sizes and Shapes

Use this document to install the required sizes and shapes for handrails.

So You Want to Be a Landlord (DNS-119)

A summary of city regulations that every new rental property owner needs to know.

Tenant Responsibility Guide (DNS-110)

Things a tenant must know about their responsibility.

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Landlord Training Program (LLTP)
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