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Landlord Training Program

The award winning landlord training program operates out of the Department of Neighborhood Services (DNS) downtown location. The goal is to teach landlords fundamental ways to keep illegal activity out of their property. This program was a runner up for the Ford Foundation Harvard Kennedy School of Government Awards program and a 1996 winner of the Innovations In Government award sponsored by the City of Milwaukee Mayor and Common Council.

The classes are FREE and held on a regular basis through out the year at various locations. They are held on evenings and weekends to accommodate virtually anyone's schedule. The classes are generally either (1) five hour session in one day or (2) two and a half hour sessions for two nights. Attendees get a free 100 page comprehensive manual and handouts on a variety of legal and business issues related to managing a property.

2016 Landlord Training Program Class Schedule: September - December 

*2017* Landlord Training Program Class Schedule: January-April

To Register for an Upcoming Landlord Training Class:

  1. Email Be sure to include your name, address and telephone number where you can be reached during the day and the dates of the class you prefer - OR -
  2. Telephone registration is available at (414) 286-2954.

The Landlord Training Program is paid for by Community Development Block Grant Funds.

Rent Smart provides a practical education to help people looking for rental housing to acquire and keep decent housing.

Rent Smart emphasizes skills that may help tenants avoid legal confrontations.  It stresses both tenant  and landlord responsibilities and the advantages gained from viewing the landlord-tenant relationship as mutually beneficial rather than confrontational.

Target Audience. The program is specifically designed to help  a person who have never rented or are having difficulty obtaining rental housing.  This difficulty may arise from lack of experience, poor rental history, poor credit history, or other issues that cause potential landlords to view them as high risk.

The Rent Smart is based on information collected through focus groups held with the types of tenants who could benefit from the program and on discussions with property managers and tenant advocates.  The Rent Smart curriculum was developed by staff from the University of Wisconsin-Extension  in consultation with the Wisconsin Apartment Association, the Wisconsin Trade and Consumer Protection Division, the Tenant Resource Center, the Apartment Association of Southeastern Wisconsin and other housing and tenant support groups.

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