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Property Registration 

NOTE: The Property Recording Program changed its name to Property Registration Program on July 1, 2016. The City of Milwaukee requires all non-owner occupied residential and all commercial property owners to register ownership contact information with the Department of Neighborhood Services. Property Registration forms can be picked up at 841 N Broadway, Room 105 or printed via the links below. Please contact Property Registration Staff at 414-286-8569 with any questions or concerns. 

Property Registration is working to develop registration forms to replace the existing application in accordance with Wisconsin Act 176 (effective March 2, 2016) and Milwaukee Code of Ordinances 200-51.5. The city ordinance updated as of July 1, 2016 can be found here. Please contine to submit the existing Property Recording application (found below) until the new Property Registration forms are available. Thank you for your patience during this transition.

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Property Recording Application (DNS-8A) with REVISED INSTRUCTIONS

Revised instructions are included for completing the existing Property Recording application. This application should be used until the new Property Registration form is available.

Additional Owners Form (DNS-8C)

This form may be used to provide owner information for multiple owners of the same property. It must be attached to a Property Registration form.

Additional Properties Form (DNS-8B)

This form may be used to list multiple properties for the same owner. It must be attached to a Property Registration or Resignation Form.

Contact Resignation Form (DNS-8E)

This form is used to notify the department that you are no longer the contact for one or more properties.

Property Registration Seller Notification Form (DNS-8D)

This form is used to notify the department that the property has changed ownership.


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Property Registration
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