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The 2016 City Budget increases funding commitments to neighborhood revitalization, improved infrastructure, employment opportunities, and public safety.  These priorities are consistent with the community’s interest in a strong local economy and a safe city.   


City Budgets


Mayor's public hearing presentation on the 2017 Budget on August 16, 2016


Budget & Management Director's presentation on the Proposed 2017 Executive Budget to the Finance and Personnel Committee on October 4, 2016


Welcome to the Budget Office

The Budget and Management Division serves as the City's executive budget office. Its responsibilities include development of the annual Executive Budget; implementation of the adopted budget; management analysis of City operations; and development and analysis of fiscal policy and legislative proposals.

Two strategic objectives guide the work of the Budget and Management Division:

  • Ensuring the provision of mission critical city services through annual budgets that limit the impact of tax levy and municipal service charge changes on the typical residential property to 3% or less a year.
  • Managing long term obligations such as infrastructure, borrowing authorizations, and pension benefits in a manner that stabilizes ongoing funding requirements.

The 2008 Global Financial Crisis resulted in considerable challenges to the City's Budget, including substantial reductions to the State Shared Revenue Program.  The Budget Office has implemented a "3 R" strategy of resizing, restructuring, and reinvesting to enable structural budget balance by 2016.

Since 2008, this strategy has improved structural balance in the following ways:

  • 493 FTE positions decline; total annual savings of ~$40 million
  • Employee healthcare benefit costs declined $27.8 million from 2011 (-20%)
  • Wage cost reductions ($21.5 million) since 2009:
      -  $5.7 million of O&M overtime reduction (2010-2014)
      -  $15.8 million of total furlough savings (2010-2014)
  • Workers' compensation avoided costs => reduction of 11,822 lost work days since 2008 ($26.0 million in avoided costs)
  • Major improvements to key infrastructure replacement cycles within a stable level of levy-supported borrowing and a declining tax levy for City debt
  • Annual tax levy growth has averaged 1.8% during the period 2009-2014
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Budget Office
200 E. Wells Street
Room 603
Milwaukee, WI 53202  


City Budget & Management Director Mark Nicolini  

City Budget &
Management Director

Mark Nicolini


Phone: 414-286-5060
Fax: 414-286-5475