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Freshwater Advantage for Business

Milwaukee is a Midwestern metropolitan business magnet that is the perfect location for water-intensive and water technology business, industry and research. Six Fortune 500 companies, several leading food and beverage companies, major international manufacturers and 200 water technology businesses agree, and call this region home and headquarters. They perform competitively and profitably thanks to an  abundant, reliable, high quality supply of water.

The Milwaukee Water Works is a national, award-winning leader in providing high-quality water. We provide water at a low price that includes a rate discount for large commercial users. The utility has plenty of available capacity and there are no water allocation limits.

A key advantage is the Declining Block Rate which provides a lower cost per unit of water as water usage increases. On the wastewater side of the water cycle, the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) charges only for wastewater discharged to the sewer, not for water used in the product or that is evaporated.


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