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Lead Poisoning Prevention - What Can Parents Do?

Here are some guidelines for parents and guardians to reduce the risk of lead poisoning for children:

  • Have your doctor test your child for lead. We recommend three tests before the age of three. Click here for our recommendations page. The goal is to have every child's blood lead level below 10 µg/dL. To find out what your child's lead level means and what actions result from it, click here.

  • Wash your child's hands often, especially before eating.

  • Clean your windows the right way. Window sills are where the highest concentrations of lead dust are found. Here's our window cleaning page.

  • Feed your children the right foods. Healthy eating can actually help to reduce some of the lead in your child's body. These are the best things to eat. 

Ambushed at Home!

A Special Video on Childhood Lead Poisoning In Milwaukee

Ambushed at Home will give you information about how lead poisoning affects children in Milwaukee, and show you ways to keep your child from being lead poisoned. 

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