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The Research & Policy staff of the Fire and Police Commission, in conjunction with outside researchers, research and report on matters of current community concern and public safety issues.

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Use of Force Reports

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The Fire and Police Commission's use of force reports are authored by Steven G. Brandl, PhD, professor in the department of Criminal Justice at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.  They provide an overview of the incidents in which force was used by officers of the Milwaukee Police Department and a statistical year-to-year comparison of the data. Note that the types of force which require reporting was expanded by the Milwaukee Police Department effective January 1st, 2013 to include all incidents in which bodily force is used by an officer regardless of any claim of injury.  This is in contrast to the previous policy which only required the use of bodily force to be reported if the subject claimed injury.  Due to this change care must be taken when comparing data from before 2013 to data after 2013. 

Other use of force reports:

Firearm Discharge Reports


The firearm discharge reports are authored by the FPC staff and utilize the same dataset as the use of force reports, but provide additional context and analysis for this most serious type of force. 

Vehicle Pursuit Reports

Analysis of March 26, 2010 MPD Vehicle Pursuit Policy Revision
2002 - 2009

The Fire and Police Commission's Vehicle Pursuit Reports provide a statistical measure of all Milwaukee Police Department vehicle pursuits.  Note that the department's pursuit policy changed effective March 26th, 2010.  The intention of the change was to increase the safety of officers and civilians through limiting the circumstance in which a vehicle pursuit is justified.  Details of the policy change can be found in the report "Analysis of March 26, 2010 MPD Vehicle Pursuit Policy Revision". 

Crime Statistics

Police Satisfaction Reports


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