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Community Relations

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There are many programs offered by the MFD Community Relations Department. The department is committed to community outreach and serving the citizens of the City of Milwaukee. If you would like to take advantage of one of the programs offered by the MFD Community Relations Department, please completely fill out and submit the online Program Request Form. Not all programs can be requested by the public. The program request form lists the programs that can be requested. Request forms will only be accepted for events that are more than 3 weeks away.


Career Opportunities & Recruitment: Firefighters/EMTs or paramedics talk about their careers and what it takes to become a Fire/EMS professional. Offered preferably to groups ages 15 and above.

Elder Safe Program: Outreach program for elderly that apprises them of the services offered by the Milwaukee Fire Department and other agencies (i.e. home safety, evacuation). The Elder Save Program is designed for assisted and independent care facilities, religious groups and organizations whose focus is on education and safety of older adults. Lasting from 30 to 60 minutes, the presentation covers seasonal safety concerns, safe cooking, heating and living. In addition, emphasis is placed on evacuation and preventing and handling medical emergencies. Educators also distribute the "File of Life"; a refrigerator magnet that contains medical information that will be necessary should an emergency arise. By providing this education, the Milwaukee Fire Department helps ensure that our loved ones are able to maintain an appropriate level of independence.

EMS Presentations/Stroke Screening: Active EMTs or paramedics staff public information booths, answer questions, pass out literature, and assist with stroke screening. In addition to educating about fire safety, the Milwaukee Fire Department takes the health and well-being of the community very seriously. The department provides invaluable information through presentations about a myriad of vital health issues that affect our community. The presentations can be tailored to a specific audience such as school-aged children, teenagers, or adults, and given in schools, places of worship, senior groups and block clubs. Occasionally stroke screenings are done at the presentations, too. The Milwaukee Fire Department works closely with the Milwaukee chapter of the American Stroke Association to reduce the devastating effects of stroke. During stroke screenings a simple blood pressure and questionnaire is completed by a firefighter or other health care professional. Individuals are then urged to follow-up with their primary physician.

Evacuation & Emergency Preparedness Seminar: Safety program that promotes emergency preparedness. Topics covered include various emergency situations. Staff is shown how to set up procedures that fit the need of their facility. Evacuation and Emergency preparedness seminars help to innervate the real world experience of trained emergency personnel to already existing plans. Milwaukee firefighters will attend a meeting or event to critique your plan, and will be available to offer advice and answer pressing questions. Several Milwaukee businesses have found great value in the insight provided by the Milwaukee Fire Department. Businesses large and small should already have a plan in place for most disasters. These plans should include location of exits, exit routes as well as staff responsibilities. The International Fire Code IFC.404.2., IFC404.3.1, and IFC404.3.2 provides more information on preparedness plans.

MFD Junior Fire Institute: Gives young people ages 14-20 valuable insight into the firefighting profession. This allows the individual to decide whether to pursue a greater role in the fire service. By participating in the Junior Fire Institute, the individual will gain personal confidence, learn how to use various tools, develop mechanical skills and gain greater awareness of personal and fire safety.

Fire Apparatus Exhibitions: Active Fire/EMS companies give demonstrations to the areas they serve. Appearances may be shortened or canceled due to emergency service. During Fire Apparatus Exhibitions, your group can have the opportunity to interact with your local firefighters without the emergency prerequisite. Typically MFD engines and trucks are available to make an appearance at local community functions, too. Members of the fire department will be available to make an educational addition to your event. Firefighters will give tours of the apparatus, put up the aerial ladder and distribute safety information to those in attendance. Keep in mind that if they receive an emergency call prior to or during your event they will respond. Apparatus exhibitions will be canceled due to inclement weather. If there is a rain date for your event, please include this date in your request.

Fire Education Booth: Active Fire/EMTs or Paramedics staff public information booths to answer questions and pass out literature. A Fire Education Booth provides literature to the community and an actual person to answer specific questions. Fire education booths are a vital addition to any health fair, or community event. Every year fire education specialists reach over 10,000 people with important messages on how to stay safe in the home, workplace and at schools. When requesting this type of program, please be specific in describing the type of event, its purpose, the intended audience, and the primary language spoken by the attendees.

Fire Extinguisher Safety Certification: The Fire Extinguisher Safety Certification is the perfect time to get some hands on experience with a fire extinguisher. This exciting program is conducted at the Milwaukee Fire Academy. We invite groups to come and use our facility for this live fire training. During the classroom portion, which lasts about 40 minutes, participants are instructed in the use of extinguishers and how to handle other emergencies at the workplace. The class then moves outside where participants have the opportunity to extinguish a live fire under the supervision of trained firefighters in a controlled environment. We recommend 1 extinguisher for every 4 participants. Participants are required to wear closed toe shoes and pants for this exercise. People with respiratory issues should be aware that this is a live fire exercise that does involve a certain amount of smoke and fine powder from the dry chemical extinguisher. Groups must provide their extinguishers for this training. There are vendors in the local area that loan/rent “dry-chem” extinguishers to the public. Those are:

  • ACM Alarm & Detection: 414-541-9000
  • Accurate Recharge & Fire Suppression: 414-464-1870
  • Affordable Fire Protection LLC: 414-778-1181
  • Airgas Fire Protection Services: 414-257-0988
  • All Safe fire Equipment: 262-782-7470
  • Cintas Fire Protection: (262) 781-0202
  • General Fire Equipment Co.: Inc.: 414-475-0959
  • Milwaukee Recharge Service: 414-774-0772

*First Responder: Engine and Truck Companies in the city are provided with smoke detectors and batteries. This program allows fire companies an opportunity to install smoke detectors and/or batteries where needed after an initial alarm has been addressed.

*F.O.C.U.S Community Fire Safety Campaign: FOCUS stands for Firefighters Out Creating Urban Safety. Fire companies go into areas of the city where the fire loss rate is abnormally high. FOCUS is a door-to-door campaign intended to promote fire safety awareness and proper use of smoke detectors. The firefighting division actively participates twice a year in FOUCS, both in the spring and fall season. Firefighters go into target neighborhoods and spread the fire safety message, as well as check and install smoke detectors and/or batteries at no charge in all single- and two-family residences in the targeted neighborhood.

Historical Museum: A facility located at 1615 West Oklahoma Avenue. Elementary school children are taught home fire safety. This program is set up to help children reduce their fear and panic in fire situations, familiarize and teach them proper evacuation techniques, the proper way to report a fire, and increase their knowledge of fire prevention.

Juvenile Firesetter Counseling Program: A program aimed at counseling young people who have a history of misusing flammable materials. Firefighters/EMTs and paramedics help juveniles and their families understand the destructive nature of fire.

Multi-Media: All media requests including television, radio and print should be directed to Lt. Michael Ball, community relations director for the Milwaukee Fire Department.

Occupational and Residential Fire Safety Presentation: An Occupational and Residential Fire safety presentation is given to prepare you when disaster strikes. During these presentations an experienced firefighter will educate your group on what practical steps to take during an emergency. These can include evacuation, recommended training and how to prepare for tornados and other threats. The firefighters are also available to evaluate and critique the plan currently in place for your facility. This training is recommended for those in assisted living facilities or living in senior living communities; however, it is open to all age groups that may experience living situations that present specific hazards and unique options in the event of an emergency. Given to schools, businesses, etc.

Poster-to-Billboard Contest: Established in 1999, this contest is another way to get the fire safety message out. City of Milwaukee Public and Private School students create posters on their interpretation of a given topic. The winning poster is made into a billboard to be displayed during the month of October. Grand Prize Winners are selected by the Milwaukee Bucks and receive skybox tickets to a selected Bucks game in October. This contest starts in September and winners are selected by the first week of October (Fire Prevention Week).

Brecker Bunny (ages 3-7): This event is classroom based and consists of your local Engine or Truck Company coming to your facility and reading the book Brecker Bunny Learns to be Careful to your classroom or group. This book focuses on home safety and burn prevention. Additionally, by combining the imagery of firefighters and reading we emphasize the importance of literacy. The presentation is concluded with the reinforcement of some key teaching points and showing the group the fire engine (weather permitting). If this is our first presentation, your classroom or group will be given a copy of the book to keep. We ask that the book be read monthly to the class to reinforce the topics discussed.

*Note: Spanish books are available, but Spanish speaking firefighters may not be available for this program.

Smoke Detector Hotline: City of Milwaukee residents who are in need of a smoke detector can call the hotline to have fire department personnel come out and install one for them. The hotline number is: 414-286-8980.

*Survive Alive House, Milwaukee Public Schools: The Survive Alive House is located at 2059 South 20th Street. Elementary school children are taught home fire safety and safe exit from a simulated burning building. Classes are scheduled subject to vacancies in the MPS programs.

Survive Alive House, Mobile Units: Every year thousands of Milwaukee students get the opportunity to experience the Survive Alive House. For those we miss, we bring the experience to you. The Milwaukee Fire Department has two mobile Survive Alive Houses. These mobile units give children the educational experience of escaping from a house fire. Children are given a brief instructional introduction and then are ushered into a bedroom. Cinematic smoke is pumped into the room and children are given an opportunity to demonstrate how they would get out. Staying low below smoke, feeling the door and yelling for help are all reinforced during this unique learning experience. Private schools are encouraged to have their students participate in this unique learning opportunity. Community groups hosting large events may make a request for the mobile Survive Alive House. Reservations for the Mobile Survive House are only available May - September, weather permitting. Other restrictions may apply.

Firehouse Tours, Milwaukee Fire Department: There are 36 firehouses in the City of Milwaukee. To find your local firehouse please click here and enter your address. Your firehouse can be found under the "services" tab. Each firehouse is strategically located so an MFD vehicle can reach your home in approximately 3 ½ minutes in the event of an emergency. In the event of a non-emergency, you can reach your local engine house in less than 7 minutes if you drive. When visiting your local firehouse, remember that the firefighters are still "in-service" and may be required to leave quickly in the event of an emergency. The Milwaukee Fire Department is able to accommodate firehouse tours for those with physical disabilities at the following ADA compliant firehouses: 12, 22, 35, 36.  To set up a tour at one of these firehouses, please contact the Community Relations Director at 414-286-8985.

*These programs can not be requested by the public.

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