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Map Milwaukee Applications

July, 2014 - Reference Map Modifications

Help us make informed decisions about our reference maps by taking a quick survey.

Over the last few weeks we have seen a slowing in application performance (bad thing), likely due to increased use of the Map Milwaukee applications and services (good thing).  To make immediate improvements, we have made a few modifications to Property Information:

Before Now
  • Gray parcels have been removed from the reference base map.  Parcel outlines are still visible as an operational layer.
  • House number labels have been turned off by default.  Both house number and taxkey labels are still available via map themes (drop-down at upper right) and the layer list.  But note that turning on either of these labels will have a negative effect on performance.

In the coming weeks, we will be looking into options to maximize application performance, information, and usability.  Help us make informed decisions about these changes by taking a quick survey.  Stay tuned for updates, or subscribe to Map Milwaukee News with E-notify.


Property Information

Reference maps with property boundaries and detailed property attribute data from MPROP.


Census 2010

Thematic census tract maps representing Census 2010 data.  Additional statistics available in the attribute data (just click on a tract).


Green Infrastructure Planning

Maps to support the Office of Environmental Sustainability with planning and compliance with MMSD's Regional Green Infrastructure Plan

Map Milwaukee: Zoning  


City of Milwaukee zoning and zoning overlay maps.  Attribute data includes hyperlinks to legislative documentation, where available.  For more information about the City of Milwaukee's zoning, refer to the Department of City Development's web page on Zoning Applications and Procedures.



Looking for more maps?

Need a map layer not automatically available in one of the applications?  You have the option of adding map layers from any Map Milwaukee Services (or the internet, for that matter).  Here are some documents to help you out:

Software Requirement

New Map Milwaukee applications require the Silverlight plug-in for your browser.  If you do not already have Silverlight, you will be prompted to install it when you start the new Map Milwaukee application.  Or, you can verify and install/upgrade Silverlight on your system before launching a new Map Milwaukee application.

Tips and Tricks