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Map Milwaukee Applications


Property Information

Reference maps with property boundaries and detailed property attribute data from MPROP.

March & April, 2014 Modifications:

  • Glitch fix: Taxkey column is now included in CSV exports of parcel data.
  • Glitch fix: The "Parcel Fact Sheet" report now runs properly from the parcel detailed information window and the parcel table view in the results information pane.
  • New group layer for house number, taxkey, and street name labels.  These label layers are now available to you regardless of base map.
  • Now that street labels are independent of base maps, map themes combining street names and aerial imagery have been eliminated.
  • Optional basemap of reference data without street linework.  This basemap is used with the land use symbol map theme (drop-down in upper right).

Green Infrastructure Planning

Maps to support the Office of Environmental Sustainability with planning and compliance with MMSD's Regional Green Infrastructure Plan

April, 2014 Modifications:

  • DPW basement connection areas have been added as a new layer.
  • Glitch fix: Users with small monitors, or monitors with lower screen resolution, can now zoom out to see the entire city.
  • Impervious surface data from the MMSD Regional Green Infrastructure Plan has been removed due to issues with data accuracy.
  • The basement backup group layer has been renamed "OES GI planning data." 
    • The OES GI planning data group layer is now designed house any city-specific maps used for green infrastructure planning, not just basement backups.
    • The OES GI planning data group layer currently contains map layers representing historical basement backup locations (2008-2010) and the DPW basement connection areas.

Census 2010

Thematic census tract maps representing Census 2010 data.  Additional statistics available in the attribute data (just click on a tract).



Software Requirement

New Map Milwaukee applications require the Silverlight plug-in for your browser.  If you do not already have Silverlight, you will be prompted to install it when you start the new Map Milwaukee application.  Or, you can verify and install/upgrade Silverlight on your system before launching a new Map Milwaukee application.

Looking for more maps?

Need a map layer not available by default in one of the applications?  You have the option of adding map layers from any Map Milwaukee Services (or the internet, for that matter).  Here are some documents to help you out:

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