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New Map Services 

GIS Web Services

We expanded the license map service to include many more types of licenses. Follow the link for details.


Map Applications

New Map Milwaukee application: Strong Neighborhoods Plan

The February, 2014 edition of Map Milwaukee News is now available. 

Newsletters and Tip Sheets

October, 2014 edition of Map Milwaukee News now available, and a new Tip Sheet covering the map layers panel (layer list) and legend.

Technical Difficulties

November 26, 2014 - We have been experiencing a number of IT issues over the past few days.  Today, we continue to address problems.  Access to Map Milwaukee applications and services continues to be inconsistent.

 Map Milwaukee Portal

Map Applications

Map Milwaukee is no longer a single application, but a suite of applications with targeted data and functionality.  Follow the above link for details about and access to Map Milwaukee Applications.  Follow the links listed below for direct access to the applications.  The Silverlight plug-in is required for all applications.


GIS Web Services 

The GIS web services consumed by our new applications are also available for direct use via  Check out the following links for detailed documentation.


Newsletters and Tip Sheets

A monthly newsletters that includes information about changes and enhancements to our applications, GIS web services, and data.  We also create "Tip Sheets" to help you take full advantage of the GIS information we provide.  Sign up with E-Notify to receive these newsletters via email, or review our archive.


"Old" Map Milwaukee

"Old" Map Milwaukee and COMPASS Community Mapping aren't going away just yet.  But, we are starting to remove map layers in an effort to retire this old software.  We encourage you to start using the new Map Milwaukee Applications instead of the old interface.


Download Map Data

Download frequently requested City of Milwaukee Esri shapefiles and Microstation design files.


Download Tabular Data

Download City of Milwaukee datasets including MPROP, legal descriptions, SIC codes, and tax data.


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