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Map Applications

Minor modifications made to improve performance. Follow the link for details.


"Old" Map Milwaukee

Five layers have been removed from "Old" Map Milwaukee.

Scheduled Downtime 

Scheduled Downtime

Map Milwaukee services and applications will be unavailable on Friday, August 1, at 1 pm, for approximately one hour, for routine maintenance.

New Map Services 

GIS Web Services

Three new map services: Election geography, alcohol license locations, and 2013 Market Value Analysis, as provided by The Reinvestment Fund.

Map Milwaukee Portal

Map Applications

Follow this link for details about and access to our new Map Milwaukee Applications.  Follow the links listed below for direct access to the applications.  The Silverlight plug-in is required for all applications.


GIS Web Services 

The GIS web services consumed by our new applications are also available for direct use via  Check out the following links for detailed documentation.


Map Milwaukee News

A monthly newsletters that includes information about changes and enhancements to our applications, GIS web services, and data.  We also try to include tips and tricks in each newsletter to help you take full advantage of the GIS information we provide.  Sign up with E-Notify to receive these newsletters via email, or review our archive.


"Old" Map Milwaukee

"Old" Map Milwaukee and COMPASS Community Mapping aren't going away just yet.  But, we are starting to remove map layers in an effort to retire this old software.  We encourage you to start using the new Map Milwaukee Applications instead of the old interface.


Download Map Data

Download frequently requested City of Milwaukee Esri shapefiles and Microstation design files.


Download Tabular Data

Download City of Milwaukee datasets including MPROP, legal descriptions, SIC codes, and tax data.


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