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Map Milwaukee Web Services

We currently offer two kinds of GIS Web services to the internet: map services, and geocoding services.

A map service is an internet resource that makes maps, features, and attribute data available to the web.  We publish a number of map services, and many are made easily available to you through our map applications.  Map services not automatically available in an application can be added to any application, or accessed directly using ArcGIS Desktop.

A geocoding service takes input information, such as an address or taxkey, and identifies a point on the map that represents that input.  These web services can also be used by ArcGIS Desktop users.

GIS Web Service Documentation

The documentation about Map Milwaukee GIS web services is a work in progress; always expanding and improving.  For the most current information about our services, use the following documentation:

Updates: April 9, 2014

New Services:
  • DPW/DPW_operations
  • OES/OES_GI_planning
    • REST endpoint:
    • Maps used by City of Milwaukee Office of Environmental Sustainability for green infrastructure planning.  This new service is designed to provide all city-specific map data used by the Office of Environmental Sustainability in their green infrastructure planning efforts.
    • Currently contains layers representing historical locations of basement backups (2008-2010) and new basement connection project areas.
    • This service replaces OES/OES_basement_backups.
Services scheduled to be removed May 2, 2014:
  • base_aerial
    • This service has been replaced with reference/orthophoto2005
  • base_map
    • This service has been replaced with reference/reference_map
  • parcel_mprop_lite
    • Use the "Parcels - MPROP_lite" layer in property/parcels_mprop service
  • OES/OES_basement_backups
    • This services has been replaced with OES/OES_GI_planning.
Service modifications:
  • property/govt_owned
    • Group layer name changed to "Government properties (tax exempt type)".  This change was made to clarify the fact that this data does not represent a comprehensive inventory of government-owned real estate.  Rather, this map service represents properties that are tax exempt, and their exempt type is classified as government owned.
    • The layer, "City properties" has been changed to "Municipal properties" to more accurately describe this category of exempt properties (these properties could be owned by any municipality, not limited to those owned by the City of Milwaukee).
    • Specific documentation has been added both the REST service information and documentation to explain that exempt status is tied to the assessment year (the previous calendar year).


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