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Welcome to Milwaukee Shines!

Milwaukee Shines, the City of Milwaukee's solar program, works to expand solar energy use through a comprehensive, citywide approach. Milwaukee Shines helps create cleaner air for our community and helps reduce energy costs for the City and the community at large. Milwaukee Shines is a project of the Environmental Collaboration Office (ECO), formerly the Office of Environmental Sustainability, and partners with community partners to build a clean energy future. Past projects have been funded through the US Department of Energy Solar America Communities and SunShot programs.

When Milwaukee Shines formed in 2008, the City of Milwaukee was named one of 25 Solar America Cities by the U.S. Department of Energy, and earned the distinction again in 2009. Since then, Milwaukee has streamlined the permitting process, created a solar zoning ordinance, and began providing financing resources for home and business owners. In addition, as of January 2017, there are more than 2.2 MW of solar energy being produced in Milwaukee, which has exceeded the City's goal of 1 MW of solar capacity.

Please contact us at to learn more about having solar installed in your home or business, or to find out more about replicating Milwaukee Shines' processes and projects in your municipality.

Photo of a Milwaukee rooftop solar array

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What's New at Milwaukee Shines:

Milwaukee Solar Group Buy LogoMilwaukee Solar Group Buy Programs

Milwaukee Shines partners with the renewable energy non-profit the Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) to coordinate neighborhood group buys in the City of Milwaukee. The advantage of a group buy is the power of volume purchasing, which can significantly reduce the upfront costs of installing solar in your home or business.

Please visit the Milwaukee Solar Group Buy page for more info!


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Milwaukee Shines Financing Low-Interest Solar Loan

Milwaukee Shines has partnered with Summit Credit Union to offer up low-interest solar loans for Milwaukee homeowners!

This financing can help make solar a reality! For more information on the Milwaukee Shines solar loan as well as a step-by-step guide on how to apply for this loan, please visit the Milwaukee Shines Solar Financing page.



Photo of a solar array and wind turbineEnergy Engagement - We Energies Rate Increase

The WI Public Service Commission has approved We Energies' proposed charges for solar installations and increased fixed rates for 2015-2016.

Some good news for solar customers, however, is that in October of 2015 a Dane County Circuit Judge ruled that the state Public Service Commission did not have enough evidence to back up its decision to impose the monthly solar surcharge. Read about this decsion and how the rate case impacts existing and future solar installations.



Photo of ECO's "Solar Flower"Solar in Milwaukee

To date, the City has invested in 12 renewable energy projects, including solar electric, solar hot water, and a wind turbine. Milwaukee Shines has also partnered on a number of community projects including the solar flower in Milwaukee's Garden District, and we hosted a Solar School Swap.  We're looking forward to seeing more solar projects in Milwaukee!

For more information on the City's solar installations and commuinty projects, please visit the Solar In Milwaukee page of our website.


Milwaukee Solar Related News

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