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Homeowners get warmth you can afford, with Me2.

Warmth You Can Afford, with Me2

Me2 provides affordable financing up to $15,000 for energy saving improvements like new insulation, furnaces, boilers, hot water heaters, air conditioners, and now, windows!

With Me2 financing through our partner, Summit Credit Union, you can redirect some of the money you spend on high energy bills and instead invest those dollars in eligible home improvements that will keep you and your family comfortable year round. You’ll help your pocketbook, your family, the local economy, and the environment.

Me2 combines an affordable loan with rebates from the Focus on Energy program for to make energy saving improvements affordable.

Affordable energy saving improvements

Ready to Get Started? It's Easy (click the steps below for additional details):


Apply for loan through Summit Credit Union:


Contact a Participating Me2 Contractor to develop an eligible project. The Me2 Participating Contractors listing has icons signifying the type of work each performs. If you don’t know which improvements you want, select a “Full Service” Contractor.  Full Service and Insulation/Air Sealing contractors perform energy assessments as part of the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program.  Be sure to ask your contractor about incentives from Focus on Energy.


After you have received a bid from a Participating Me2 contractor, bring the contractor bid, Me2 Project Detail Form (use Form 1 for standard Focus incentives and Form 2 for Enhanced Focus on Energy incentives, and employment verification to your local Summit Credit Union to close the loan.


Once a Me2 Participating Contractor completes your qualifying energy improvements, You and your contractor should complete the Completion Certificate and upload it to your Summit online account or email it to

Then, enjoy the comfort of your energy efficient home for years to come!

If you need assistance with Participating Me2 Contractors or have general program questions or comments, contact


Me2 helps you take some of the dollars you are wasting on high energy bills and put them into energy-saving home improvements. Insulation, air sealing, windows, and new furnaces and boilers can help you save energy while making your home more comfortable, safe, durable, and quiet.