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Project Clean & Green

April 17 - June 5, 2017

Please check back in early March for the 2017 schedule.

PROJECT CLEAN & GREEN is a City-wide program designed to foster neighborhood pride and ownership through coordinated clean ups, street and alley sweeping, graffiti removal and neighborhood beautification activities sponsored by community organizations. Collection Crews will target one zone each week and collect extra items left at the collection point on the scheduled collection day.

Project Clean & Green 2015 map. Click to enlarge.Residents within the targeted zone can place unwanted furniture, mattresses, household items, yard and garden waste, twigs and leaves, up to 2 cubic yards of tree trimmings, and up to 5 tires at the garbage collection point (curb or alley) on their scheduled garbage collection day.

This is your opportunity to get rid of excess household debris at no cost. After your Project Clean & Green week, there will be a $50-$150 charge for all bulky pickup requests larger than 1 cubic yard (about the size of an easy chair).

Crews will not collect appliances, TVs, electronics, construction debris, paint, and grass clippings. These items can be taken to a City Drop Off Centers for proper disposal. Household hazardous waste can be taken to 3879 W Lincoln Avenue on Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays from 7AM – 3PM.



Project Clean & Green zone maps by Aldermanic District:  
    Ald. District #1 (Hamilton)              
    Ald. District #2 (Johnson)
    Ald. District #3 (Kovac)
    Ald. District #4 (Bauman)
    Ald. District #5 (Bohl)   
    Ald. District #6 (Coggs)
    Ald. District #7 (Rainey)
    Ald. District #8 (Donovan)
    Ald. District #9 (Lewis)
    Ald. District #10 (Murphy)
    Ald. District #11 (Borkowski)
    Ald. District #12 (Perez)
    Ald. District #13 (Witkowski)
    Ald. District #14 (Zielinski)
    Ald. District #15 (Stamper, II)

If your neighborhood wishes to schedule a group cleanup, please visit Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful online or call (414) 272-5462 for clean-up bags, gloves, or to borrow a limited number of clean-up tools (rakes, shovels, brooms).






Congratulations City of Milwaukee residents!  For the fifth straight year, our recycling totals continue to increase, thanks to your strong participation in DPW’s curbside/alley collection program.  Household recycling weights have increased 20% over this five-year period.


Beginning in May 2014, the City of Milwaukee partnered with Waukesha County communities to renovate and repair a recycling facility capable of sorting, baling and shipping 60,000 tons of plastics, glass, paper and cans each year. The facility, located in the Menomonee Valley,  is now a state-of-the-art single-stream Materials Recovery Facility (MRF).


Read about these highlights and more in the 2014 Annual Residential Recycling Report.


Drop Off Centers

DIY, Drop off Disposal City of Milwaukee residents have two convenient locations where they can recycle or safely dispose of a wide variety of items. The drop off centers are located at:

  • 6660 N Industrial Rd
  • 3879 W Lincoln Av