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City-Owned Parking Structures

Options to Pay for Parking


Listing of all City-owned and privately owned Downtown area public parking structures privately owned Downtown area public parking structures

There are three "SMART" ways to pay for parking at the four City-owned parking structures:

SMARTEST - Credit Card In & SAME Credit Card Out - Insert credit card at any entrance lane and insert the same credit card to pay at any exit lane - receipts are available.  Not to be used with merchant validated parking offers.

SMARTER - Ticket In & Credit Card Out - Take ticket at entry.  Use any exit lane, insert ticket and insert credit card to pay.  Receipts are available.

SMART - Pay Stations - Take a ticket at entry, take the ticket with you, prior to returning to your car go to the pay station, insert ticket, insert credit card or cash to pay, take the ticket out, go to any exit lane and insert paid ticket.  Receipts are available.


Monthly Parking Access Cards

If you are interested in obtaining a monthly parking access card:

Call ImPark at (414) 286-8401

Visit ImPark at:
MacArthur Square Parking Office
841 N. James Lovell Drive (next to Cashier booth at exit)
Milwaukee, WI 53203

Parking Structure Rates

Call ImPark at (414) 286-8401 or refer to the rates posted at the parking structures.



Operations Division

Laura Daniels
Director of Operations 

Zeidler Muncipal Building 
841 N. Broadway 
Room 620
Milwaukee, WI 53202

(414) 286-2489

Parking Permits 

Parking permits are required when parking in locations or at times which are otherwise prohibited.  This is necessary to maintain order within the City and to ensure public safety.

MKE Park - Paying at ALL Milwaukee parking meters just got easier! Download the MKE PARK app for FREE AND set up your account. Customers can still use coins or a credit card at the meters.