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Lakefront Gateway Plaza Design


Monday, October 31st, 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Milwaukee War Memorial Center, 750 N Lincoln Memorial Drive


Please join City Planning Staff and the GRAEF design team at this public engagement meeting for a brief presentation on the Lakefront Gateway Plaza and an opportunity to provide your input on the design and programming of this future showcase park. Our friends at Milwaukee Downtown are generously assisting in helping arrange this public engagement meeting.


Parking is available at for fee at War Memorial lake level surface parking lot, and at the nearby O’Donnell Park garage.  On street parking is available on Prospect Avenue and public bus service from MCTS Gold Line with connecting service to numerous bus lines are a short walk across Mason Street Bridge from Prospect.





On October 27, 2015 The City of Milwaukee announced that the design team led by GRAEF was selected as the winner of the Lakefront Gateway Plaza National Design Competition. The selected design will be used to secure funds and grants for further design and construction.

Click Here to See The Design Concept

rendering of Lakefront Gateway Plaza Design
Design Team: GRAEF, PFS Studio, Rinka Chung, DEW (Dan Euser), NEWaukee

We are interested in hearing from you! 

The City of Milwaukee, in cooperation with Milwaukee County and the Greater Milwaukee Committee, and with the design team and adjacent stakeholders, is in the process of gathering community input for an exciting project on the downtown lakefront.

  • What activities would bring you to this new space? (Consider summer/winter, typical day/special event, permanent/“pop-up” events).
  • How do you rank the suggested activities?
  • How can we can connect this space to whole city of Milwaukee?
  • How do we make this feel like it belongs to all of Milwaukee?
  • What elements of the design attract you to the site, or excite you?
  • Do you see anything missing in the concept as proposed?
  • In event of choosing parts of the concept, what should not be lost?

Please submit your comments:

Project Area

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