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Solar Financing

Milwaukee Shines Solar Loans

The City of Milwaukee and Summit Credit Union are pleased to offer low-interest loans to help Milwaukee homeowners add solar to your homes.

Milwaukee Shines Solar Loans: At-A-Glance

Summit Credit Union and the City of Milwaukee are offering up to $2 million in low-interest solar loans to help Milwaukee homeowners finance your solar energy systems costs.

  • Eligible Participants: City of Milwaukee homeowners of 1-3 unit, owner-occupied residences
  • Loan Size: Up to $20,000
  • Interest Rate: Low-interest, fixed rate (as low as prime + 1.50%); check today's rates.
  • Terms: Up to 15 years to repay. No penalties for early payment, no fees, no down payments
  • Eligible Projects: Solar electric systems (up to 6 kW), solar hot water systems (1-8 panels) or solar hot air.
  • Must be installed by a Focus on Energy Residential Ally solar installer
  • Eligible Expenses: All equipment, labor, permits, and interconnection fees. Solar loans can also be used for structural reinforcement and re-roofing expenses if these upgrades are part of the solar project.

How it Works: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Select a solar installer. It is recommended that you get at least two bids. Your solar installer must be a Focus on Energy Residential Ally.
  2. Apply for your solar loan at Summit Credit Union. Get started!
  3. Fill out the Summit Solar Loan Application (include info from your installer's bid).
    Download the form HERE.
  4. After your loan has been preapproved, schedule and install your solar project.
  5. Once your project has been completed, fill out the Solar Loan Completion Certificate.
    Download the certificate HERE.
  6. Contact Summit Credit Union to close on your loan. Summit will issue a check directly to your installer.

APPLY NOW for your Milwaukee Shines Solar Loan!


Commercial PACE Financing for Businesses

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) funding is available to business owners looking for assistance in financing solar installations. New financing through our Milwaukee Energy Efficieny (Me²) program helps you make a more profitable and better building! Me² PACE Financing helps commercial property owners affordably finance building upgrades. Pay for improvements over time as you reap the benefits of lower energy and maintenance bills.


Focus on Energy Renewable Energy Loan Program

Focus on Energy, Wisconsin’s statewide energy efficiency and renewable resource program, is launching a 0% interest commercial loan program. Find out more about this program on the Focus on Energy website.

What Technologies Can Be Financed?

For residents and small businesses, new geothermal and solar electric projects are eligible. For commercial and industrial borrowers, new geothermal, solar, wind, biogas, biomass, and solar hot water projects in Wisconsin are eligible.

Program Details:

  • Up to 50% of the renewable energy project cost,
  • Up to $50,00 for residential and $500,000 at 0% interest
  • Can work with any financial institution in Wisconsin
  • PV systems must be grid-tied


Milwaukee Shines Solar Program

Summit Credit Union
or stop by any Summit branch

Focus on Energy

Commercial PACE Financing
Contact: Rose Buss

Me2 Energy Efficiency Program
Contact: Rose Buss

(414) 286-5593

Solar Information & Resources

Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) - Education

We Energies - Information

U.S Department of Energy - Renewable energy technology

NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Pracitioners) - "Gold Standard" for renewable energy certification

Site Assessments

NABCEP List of Certified Solar Professionals

MREA - Site Assessor List


Milwaukee Shines Solar Electric Permitting Process Guide

City of Milwaukee Permit Page


Milwaukee Shines Solar Financing with Summit Credit Union

Me2 Commercial PACE Financing


Focus on Energy - list of installers

NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Pracitioners) - "Gold Standard" for renewable energy certification


Focus on Energy - Incentives

DSIREUSA (Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency) - List of incentives


We Energies - Interconnection information

Looking to Install Solar?