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20th Annual Mayor’s Design Awards

These Awards recognize exceptional design of buildings, and places in the city of Milwaukee.

If you would like to nominate a building or place, please fill out the form below. Remember: the project must be located in the City of Milwaukee and constructed any time prior to December 31, 2016. Nominations must be submitted by March 31, 2017. Please submit a separate application for each project you submit.

In addition to filling out the nomination form, please submit photographs of your nominated project by emailing them to

Questions? Email or call (414) 286-5852.

Following are a few categories to help you come up with some ideas – and a way for us to organize the Award presentation. Check the category or categories that apply to your nomination. And remember; please submit a separate nomination form for each project.


 Design That Grabs You:
Great curb appeal, welcoming entries, distinct signage, active public space encouraging public gathering.

 Go Green:
Passive solar design, convective cooling techniques, green roof, environmentally friendly construction or design, innovative storm water management techniques.

 Test of Time:
Appropriate restoration or adaptive reuse, sensitive additions, renovation or expansion that’s harmonious with the original structure, rehab of original building façade.

 Live. Work. Play:
Extraordinary contribution to the live/work environment. Sensitive contribution to the neighborhood fabric. Interesting building or place for socializing.

 Spaces and Places:
Notable bridges, walkways, alleyways, pedestrian amenities, streetscaping, parks and gathering spots.

 Urban Oddities and Amenities:
Any gesture that makes the city interesting, provocative, memorable.

Please provide the required personal information below so you can be invited to the Award presentation if your nominee becomes an honoree.



The Mayor’s Design Award goes to the project, but we want to recognize all those involved so please provide contact information on the business/building owner, architect/designer, and others important to the project. Please include names and email addresses.



If nominating a building, provide the address (street and number) and the name of the building and/or business/project.



If the project nominated covers multiple structures, or a large area, such as an open space or streetscaping, indicate the area by providing street boundaries.

Does the project cover multiple structures or a large area?  Yes  No

If Yes, please provide the street boundaries.

Briefly explain what makes this project/building outstanding or unique. How has it had an impact on the city, neighborhood or street? We are focusing on design. A green roof is good. A well designed green roof is better.

REMEMBER: In order to be considered by the jurors, this nomination form must be filled out completely.

*Please click the submit button to complete your nomination