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The broad category of waste that includes food and yard waste.

Food Waste

Waste made from food. Food waste can be raw scraps from food preparation or cooked food that was not eaten.

Yard Waste

Any waste that comes out of your yard including brush and branches, leaves, garden waste, grass clippings, and weeds. Not all yard waste can be picked up at your home.

Brush & Branches

Woody stalks from pruning and branches up to 6" in diameter.

Garden Waste

Trimmings from green plants that are not woody. i.e. pruning a tomato plant or Hosta. These items are not collected curbside.

Grass Clippings

Cut blades of grass. These are not collected curbside.

Yard Waste Collection

For City of Milwaukee residents in single family homes, duplexes, or apartments with up to 4 units.

Brush and Branches

Brush and branches include woody stalks from pruning and branches up to 6” in diameter. Brush collection can be requested April - November.

  • Place up to 2 cubic yards (size of a couch) at the curb for collection.
  • Request a pickup online or call (414) 286-CITY (2489).

All other yard debris including grass clippings, weeds, and logs larger than 6" in diameter must be composted or grass cycled or brought to a Drop Off Disposal Center.


Fall Leaf Collection

leaf collection

Rake leaves into the street from October 1 through November 20. Prior to or after the curbside collection, residents must take leaves to the Drop Off Disposal Centers. 

  • Bulk leaf collection of loose leaves is preferred. Never use plastic bags. Paper bags are acceptable.
  • Do not put brush in the leaf piles. Keep these items separate and call (414) 286-CITY (2489) for a special collection.
  • Keep piles away from sewer grates, storm drains, and low hanging trees.
  • Keep leaves 1 foot away from the curb.
  • Include yard debris such as flowers and plants on top of the leaf pile
  • Do not include pumpkins, plastic bags, garbage, or any other items.
  • Consider mulching leaves in place as an alternative way to handle leaves.

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