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Pest Control

The Department of Neighborhood Services can provide information, assistance and enforcement on pest issues.


Any person who applies pesticides within the City of Milwaukee for profit must be registered with the Department of Neighborhood Services Residential Code Enforcement. There is an annual registration fee per person, if applicable. Anyone caught applying pesticides in the City of Milwaukee without the City of Milwaukee's Commercial Pesticide Applicator Registration Certificate will be issued a municipal citation.


Migrating roach complaints should be directed to the Department of Neighborhood Service' Residential Code Enforcement at 414-286-2268. Migrating roaches are roaches seen moving from one home to another. An exact address must be given to the receptionist at the time of the complaint. The inspector will investigate and if confirmed, orders will be issued to the offending property owner.


Perhaps the most rapidly growing problem in America is the bedbug.  It appears in many locations thanks to the human behaviors that help it move from location to location and its growing ability to avoid extermination. The high cost to throughly elminate it and the common mistakes the human hosts make have created a problem that requires, planning, response and prevention. Read all the details here. 

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