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In 2014, I marked my seventh year as Chief of the Milwaukee Police Department. I am filled with immense pride in leading a group of sworn members and civilians who are committed to MPD’s mission, vision, and core values. Our members today are laying the groundwork for officers in the future as they continue to make Milwaukee a safe place for all of its citizens. This last year marked a difficult one for our profession, both nationally and here in Milwaukee. Policing and those who wear the police uniform came under attack. By no means is our profession infallible and we certainly have work to do. While protesters decried the actions of police, I am proud of our men and women who acted with the utmost integrity and restraint. Policing depends on making critical judgments in ambiguous circumstances under pressure with insufficient information. That’s a lot to ask. When we make decisions, we never have all the facts. And on some days, we’re going to get it wrong. We must be committed to learning from these mis takes as we continue our mission. MPD faced some troubling increases in 2014, most notably in auto theft (51%) and robbery (7%). As the community saw firsthand, those suspects involved in auto theft are likely to commit other crimes like robbery. We are working with our partners in the criminal justice community to enact tougher sentences for juveniles who have stolen vehicles. Our focus on crime reduction continues. In 2014 alone, nearly 2300 guns were taken off the streets. Homicides were down 18%. Our actions within the community also speak volumes. Whether it’s the installation of anti-theft devices on cars most likely to be stolen or officers providing gifts to families around the holidays, MPD remains steadfast in its commitment to this community. Our work with the Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation and Building Neighborhood Capacity Programs in District Three has resulted in positive impacts in some of Milwaukee’s challenged neighborhoods. In the coming year, I look forward to new initiatives within the Department such as the training of all recruits in Crisis Intervention Team techniques. We will also be welcoming new recruit classes and I look to those already on the job to act as stewards of our profession in providing an example of what it means to work for MPD. As we move forward, we will encounter new challenges but I am confident in our force that we will face them with our core values ingrained in our actions. I present to you the 2014 Annual Report for the Milwaukee Police Department.

Edward A. Flynn
Chief of Police
City of Milwaukee

Click here to download the 2014 Annual Report.