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How to Find a Property Survey

The City of Milwaukee may have a survey of your property depending on the type of documents that where “saved” for your construction project.

The first place to check would be the Property Information section at the Milwaukee Development Center. They maintain permit records and often a copy of the survey will be found in those records. You can contact them at (414) 286-8207 to ask if there is a copy of a survey for your property on file. You will need to provide the address of the property. Staff will check the permit records and if a survey copy is available, they will mail it to you. Please know that not all property records will include a survey.

The second place to look is in City Records located at 841 N. Broadway in the basement of the Zeidler municipal building. Their number is 414-286-3393 and you should call first to see if they have a survey.

Finally, the Department of Public Works Maps and Plats may have records that would indicate a survey. Their number is 414-286-2411 and you can call first to verify hours of operation and if they have a survey.

Failing these searches, they only recourse is to pay to have someone do a survey. DNS does NOT do surveys. A listing of surveyors can be found on the internet or local yellow pages.

Last Update 05/17/2012