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Business & Apartment Recycling

Owners of commercial buildings or residential buildings with 5 or more units are required by state law to provide an adequate amount of recycling collection service to their tenants and inform their residents about the program. Education should include 1) what materials are accepted for recycling and 2) where and how to sort them. Education should occur once at the time of leasing and then semiannually in an ongoing fashion to promote proper recycling.


Landlords and Property Managers

Need help starting or improving your recycling program? Many free resources are available below for your use. If you have additional questions or concerns, please call 414-286-CITY (2489) .

Recycling Program Basics - Follow the 4 C's!

  1. Clear: Label bins with an accepted materials list. 
  2. Convenient: Locate your recycling containers next to garbage containers for easy sorting.
  3. Color: Use garbage and recycling containers that are different in color. The city uses green garbage and blue recycling carts. 
  4. Capacity: Ensure you have appropriate container sizes so overflow of materials aren't placed in the wrong bin. Call our offices for assistance on determining size.

Recyclings Reminders & Education

  1. Follow Milwaukee Recycles' social media accounts for easy sharing of fun facts and special reminders
  2. Download and share a copy of the City of Milwaukee's annual Waste Reduction and Recycling Fall Mailer
  3. Remind tenants about the program at least semi-annually. You can use the reminder flyer in our new Recycling Guide for Apartments and Businesses


Additional Resources

Educational Flyer Templates

  • Recycling Yes & Nos Poster Word
  • Recyclables Poster B&W Word  
  • Recyclables Poster B&W (no cartons) Word  
  • Recyclables Low Text Word

City of Milwaukee 1-4 Unit Household Recycling and Garbage Pamphlet (English) / (Spanish)

A Guide to Choosing a Recycling Hauler

List of Milwaukee Area Haulers

Recycling laws and ordinances



If your building doesn't have a recycling program or has bins that are often overflowing, contact your landlord or property manager for assistance.

If the problems aren't resolved, you can place an anonymous complaint by calling (414) 286-CITY (2489).