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Diversion Ideas

How can I keep this out of the landfill?

Sometimes we own items in good, working-condition that simply don't serve us anymore. Help divert materials from the landfill by giving them a second life. 

  • Fix and Refurbish -  Add a different color stain to that old dresser. Sew up the hole in your favorite sweater. Not handy? Consider asking a friend or family member to teach you their repair tricks or hire a local handyman.
  • Friend Trade Night - Once or twice a year (with the season change), get together with friends and bring all your unwanted clothes. Have a great time catching up, while trying on and taking home some "new" clothes. Donate anything left over. 
  • Organize an item swap - Go even bigger than your friend trade and organize a neighborhood item swap. Keep it broad or establish a category such as "cookware." Then you can swap your 10,000 spoons in exchange for a knife.
  • Hold a yard sale - Sell unwanted items and make a little money in return. Team up with friends, family, and neighbors to divert more items and share the hours. If you have a large amount leftover, check our Donations page for organizations that pick up. 
  • List large items for sale online - There are multiple websites and apps available for reselling your belongings. Here are just a few:
  • Donate items to local charities - Nonprofit organizations and shelters often accept gently-used household goods, hobby items, and personal care products. You can find a few organizations on our Donations page, but we know there are many great organizations out there that will speak to you. 

Trying something new?

Consider borrowing from a friend or review rental options in your area.