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Plastic Bag and Film Recycling

photo of recyclable film that can be taken to retail drop off locations

The City of Milwaukee does not accept plastic bags or film through its curbside program, but there are many convenient locations to drop off bags and film for special recycling. Enter your zipcode in this Plastic Film Recycling directory to find a drop off near you! 

Accepted materials may include the following and more:

  • plastic grocery bags
  • zip food storage bags
  • ice bags
  • product wrap (such as toilet paper or paper towel wrap)
  • dry cleaning bags
  • cereal bags

These materials are made into new packaging or durable home building products such as composite decking.

Plastic bags wrap around the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) equipment and end up in final product bales as "residue", lowering market value and demand for our materials. When wrapped around equipment, materials can't fall through at the appropriate locations for sorting on various lines. The recycling system must shut down while team members harness up to cut the bags out.