Recycling Electronics

Effective September 1, 2010, many electronics are banned from Wisconsin landfills. City crews will NOT pick up, and no one may put any of the banned items in the trash. There are a variety of locations that accept different electronics. Some stores may take your old electronics if you are purchasing a new item. Many cell phone stores, for example, offer recycling programs for old phones. Milwaukee residents may take electronics to either Drop Off Center for free recycling (must have proof of residency; maximum 3 TVs). Additional drop off locations are available on the DNR's website.

Electronics Banned from the Landfill

Stacks of TVs for recycling

  • TVs
  • Blue-Ray players, DVD players, VCRs, and DVRs

  • Computers (desktop, laptop, netbook, tablets, and e-readers)
  • Computer monitors
  • Computer accessories (mice, external hard drives, speakers, flash drives, external modems and routers
  • Printers, scanners, fax machines (including desktop devices)

  • Cell phones



Electronics are the fastest growing segment of municipal solid waste. These items have hazardous materials such as lead, chromium, and mercury. By keeping electronics out of landfills we are reducing land, air, and water pollution while also reducing the negative impact these materials can have on human health. Electronics also contain valuable materials that can be saved and recycled into new products. Reusing these materials helps conserve natural resources and reduces the pollution associated with the initial mining or extraction of those natural resources.

To learn more about electronics recycling, visit the DNR's website that provides an overview of the law as well as a wide variety of resources, including curriculum materials for schools.

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