Extra Recyclables

If you have extra recyclables you can

Flatten cardboard and leave it next to or under your cart

Put recyclables in CLEAR plastic bags next to the cart

Take items to a Drop Off Center

Additional Cart

Additional recycling carts are free. Request an additional cart online or call 414-286-CITY (2489).

What Happens to My Recyclables?

First, your recyclables come to our MRF (Material Recovery Facility) to get sorted and baled. Then they are shipped all over to become new products.

Sanitation Services

Download our brochure about garbage and recycling services.

What Can I Recycle Curbside?

For City of Milwaukee residents in single family, duplexes, or apartments with up to 4 units.


Dirty Dozen logo

These items are NOT ACCEPTED in your recycling cart and may prevent your recyclables from being collected.

Recycling Tips

Rinse containers

because food residue can attract rodents and it can cause problems with the sorting equipment at the MRF.

Leave lids on

because plastic lids and caps are small and might get mixed in with the wrong material in the sorting process if they are not attached to the larger bottle.

Leave labels on

In the early days of recycling, labels were a problem, but this is no longer the case.

Leave items loose in the bin

No need to bag or separate your items in the bin. Loose materials are easier to handle and sort at the MRF.

Bag shredded paper

In modern Single Sort facilities such as the City of Milwaukee's, it is difficult to sort and recover shredded paper or loose paper scraps smaller than the size of a postcard. While this paper should be included, increase the chance of it being recycled by putting shredded paper in a closed paper or clear plastic bag. Also consider taking documents to special shredding events in the community.

No boogers please (also known as fugitive glue).

Whether you call them glue dots, boogers, or gummies, the answer is the same. Remove them from your junk mail and throw the fugitive glue away and recycle the paper. One use of this type of adhesive is to connect a credit card to a mailer. Other adhesives, like the adhesive on post-it notes, or envelope closures are OK to include with your recyclable paper.

See our Frequently Asked Questions for additional tips.

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