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Milwaukee Collaborative Reform Initiative

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For the Milwaukee Police Department and Fire and Police Commission

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In January to October of 2016 the United States Department of Justice (US DOJ) performed an assessment of the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) and the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission (FPC). This was in response to a request by MPD Chief Flynn for the department to participate in the US DOJ Collaborative Reform Initiative in order to provide an avenue to strengthen and build the mutual trust between the MPD and the communities they serve. While due to decisions made in the US DOJ no final assessment report is likely to ever be produced from this process, a draft version of the report was made public.

This web portal is intended to be a vehicle for the Milwaukee community to discuss these recommendations and propose solutions to the issues they address.

Our Goal: Strengthen and build the mutual trust between the MPD and the communities they serve

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This website organizes the draft report findings and recommendations and allows users to provide comments and feedback for each one. User input on this web portal will help shape priorities and solutions as the process continues. We encourage you to browse the content and post your thoughts.

Featured Comments

Recommendation 55 MPD should establish clear and consistent communication regarding procedures for who receives training and allow transparency for such selections. Personnel whose request to attend training was denied should receive the denial in writing, including the reason for denial.

February 11

Commit to specialized trainings for new hires and annual training for all staff and officers in restorative justice, diversity issues, racial profiling and bias-based policing, as a start. Your team should share this basic knowledge base.

Recommendation 44 The FPC should create a new position of independent police auditor.

March 28

Improved public confidence that all complaints both will be fully investigated and appropriate discipline provided in a transparent process.

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