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Chapter 5

Use of Force and Deadly Force Practices

Finding 15

MPD has undertaken a commitment to provide all MPD officers Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training.

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Recommendation 15.1

MPD should continue the CIT training sessions to meet its completion goal of all officers trained by the end of 2017.

Recommendation 15.2

MPD should develop on in-service recertification CIT training.

Recommendation 15.2

MPD should develop in-service recertification CIT training.


MPD received a $500,000 grant from the Greater Milwaukee Foundation and is currently in the process of training all patrol officers in Crisis Intervention Training (CIT). All police officers will attend a 40-hour training course that has been developed to provide police officers with the tools to handle incidents involving people in mental crisis. The primary purpose of CIT is to provide law enforcement with the skills necessary to safely de-escalate situations involving people with mental illness who are in crisis. Since recruit class #3-2014, all new recruits have received this 40 hour block of training during their police academy training, which helps ensure all new recruits become CIT certified. All current MPD police officers will attend the 40-hour training course by the end of 2017 and it is anticipated all supervisors will receive the same training by the end of 2018. MPD is developing an advanced CIT for those members who have voluntarily requested to attend. This will serve as continuing education for department members.

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