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Stronger content focus.
Stronger message.

When visitors open a microsite, everything you want them to know is right before them. No fluff, no fillers, nothing more than what is necessary to your message.

Focused design.

The look and feel of the site, the taglines, headlines, domain name, and images you choose all contribute to the central message you want readers to connect with.

Action-oriented = More conversions.

Create a clear path for your visitor to the action you’d like them to take.

Search engine optimization (SEO) benefits

Specific in-depth content improves your domain authority and pushes your ranking higher on search engine result pages.

Targeted audience and data collection.

Quickly bring your message to the attention of thousands and gather data on audience engagement, fast.

Social media integration.
Better engagement.

Encourage engagement by displaying your microsite link on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media feeds.

Main Content

What is a microsite?

According to the digital experience experts at SMACK, a microsite is a branded webpage or a group of webpages, that exist separate from your main website. The idea behind a microsite is to offer yet another platform for potential customers to discover your brand with the objective that the unique content it holds will drive them to perform an action. This action can range anywhere from simply reading the content to signing up for email newsletters. While a microsite will often contain your brand components (logo, color schemes, fonts etc.), you have the option of varying these to make the microsite standout from your normal website or to drive home a specific message.

Standard site design for 99.9%

Most City of Milwaukee departments and programs do NOT require a microsite. The official standard website provides a clean, fresh design and responsive, mobile-friendly layouts for department homepages, landing pages and subpages that is most effective for generating leads and creating conversions for our many vital initiatives.

So when is a microsite necessary?

The digital strategy pros at Northwoods advises "Brands use microsites to highlight sub-brands, target specific audiences, or enhance certain services."

City of Milwaukee programs may require their own microsite:

  • To highlight specific products, sub-brands, contests, or markets
  • To target a specific audience or set of keywords
  • To enhance brands of certain products and services

Presenting Titan Microsite 3.0

ITMD offers one microsite template that can be customized to provide target audiences with a variety of distinct, engaging and impactful experiences.

Microsite 3.0 Gallery