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Water resources are a critical asset for all cities, play an integral role in a city's development, and are an essential element for a sustainable and resilient city. The Water Centric City Initiative encourages cities to adopt and pursue the seven principles on their own.

Begin with Learning the Framework

Milwaukee's Water Centric City Initiative provides a framework for cities to share best practices, indicators, metrics, and guidance for the seven key principles.

Download the Water Centric Framework

Track Progress with the Checklist

Track your progress on implementing the Water Centric Framework across key measures. Get organized with the Water Centric Checklist to show your progress over time.

Download the Water Centric Checklist

Make It Public: Take the Pledge

Announce when you begin your Water Centric journey by taking the pledge!

The city/community of _________________ is committed to the Water Centric City Framework and pledges to work to improve water sustainability by upholding the seven WCC principles.

City Representative: _______________________

Title: _____________________

Date: _____________________

Email: ____________________

Phone: ____________________

Business Address: _________________________

Share with the Water Centric City Coordinator

People kayaking on the Milwaukee River