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Water Taste and Odor
When I run the water, I smell something stinky

From the hot water tap

If the odor is only in the hot water, the odor is most likely coming from some component of the hot water system such as the water heater. Refer to the water heater owner's manual for maintenance instructions or call a plumber.

From only one faucet

Fill a glass with water, take it away from the sink, and smell the water. If the odor cannot be detected, the odor is coming from the sink drain and trap. Fill the trap under the sink with water to prevent sewer gas from coming through the pipes. Run the faucet a short time to fill the trap. Try pouring cleaner or bleach, but not both at the same time, down the drain. This often removes the odor.

If the odor is at all of the faucets, call the Milwaukee Water Works Water Quality Section during regular business hours, (414) 286-2585, and after business hours and on weekends, call the Milwaukee Water Works 24-hour Control Center, (414) 286-3710.

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