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2018 Water Main Replacement Projects  

To improve the reliability of our system, MWW replaced an unprecedented 18 miles of water mains in 2018. These projects were determined according to an index we've developed that ranks the condition of each segment of main and its likelihood of failutre. In some cases, water main projects are moved up the list so they are completed prior to a street paving project or major development.We notify property owners in advance of these projects providing "what to expect" and information about parking during construction. The construction season runs from April into December, weather permitting.

Water mains are made of cast iron, not lead. The service line connecting the main to the meter may be made of lead. Only approximately one mile of water main was replaced in 2018 that was directly connected to 110 lead service lines. In these cases, the lead service lines were replaced with copper during the main replacement projects.

Search our records to see if your service line is made of lead.shovel and construction cone image

What to expect/Qué se puede esperar 

Parking during construction
Estacionamiento durante la construccion

2018 City of Milwaukee Project Location

Ald. District

Start Date


N 22ND ST  -  W STARK ST TO W FAIRMOUNT AV 01 8/22/2018 Final Restoration
N 23RD ST  -  W FAIRMOUNT AV TO W LINCOLN CREEK PK 01 8/13/2018 Final Restoration
N 47TH ST (W/S)  -  W FAIRMOUNT AV TO W VILLARD AV 01 9/18/2018 Final Restoration
N 48TH ST  -  W LUSCHER AV TO W FAIRMOUNT AV 01 9/28/2018 Pavement Restoration
N 49TH ST  -  W LUSCHER AV TO W EGGERT PL 01 10/2/2018 Pavement Restoration
N 57TH ST  -  W VILLARD AV TO W SHERIDAN AV 01 9/19/2018 Pavement Restoration
W FAIRMOUNT AV  -  N 47TH ST TO 30' E/O N 48TH ST 01 9/25/2018 Final Restoration
W LUSCHER AV  -  N 48TH ST TO N 49TH ST 01 10/9/2018 Pavement Restoration
N 61ST ST - W FIEBRANTZ AV W CONGRESS ST 02 10/26/2018 Final Restoration
N 68TH ST - W STARK ST TO W VILLARD AV 02 4/5/2018 Final Restoration
N 70TH ST - W GLENDALE AV TO W HAMPTON AV 02 3/27/2018 Final Restoration
N 71ST St - W GLENDALE TO W COURTLAND AV 02 3/21/2018 Final Restoration
N 71ST ST - W LANCASTER AV TO W VILLARD AV 02 3/28/2018 Final Restoration
N 72ND ST - W LEON TR TO W VILLARD AV 02 3/28/2018 Final Restoration
N 73RD ST - W CAPITOL DR TO W RUBY AV 02 3/19/2018 Final Restoration
N 74TH ST - W MARION ST W CONGRESS ST 02 10/18/2018 Final Restoration
N 81ST ST - W VILLARD AV TO W CUSTER AV 02 12/13/2018 Pavement Restoration
N 86TH CT  -  N JOYCE AV TO 320' NE/O N JOYCE AV 02 7/30/2018 Pavement Restoration
N 87TH ST  -  W KAUL AV TO W DOUGLAS AV 02 9/18/2018 Pavement Restoration
N 89TH ST  -  W LYNX AV TO W MONROVIA AV 02 7/5/2018 Pavement Restoration
W BECKETT AV - N 73RD ST TO W FIEBRANTZ AV 02 3/26/2018 Final Restoration
W BENDER AV  -  N JOYCE AV TO N 91ST ST 02 8/16/2018 Pavement Restoration
W BIRCH AV  -  N 92ND ST TO W BECKETT AV 02 Pending  
W CONSTANCE AV - W FOND DU LAC AV TO W MEDFORD AV 02 4/18/2018 Final Restoration
W CROSSFIELD AV  -  W DOUGLAS AV TO W BENDER AV 02 8/28/2018 Pavement Restoration
W DOUGLAS AV  -  N JOYCE AV TO N 89TH ST 02 7/18/2018 Pavement Restoration
W FIEBRANTZ AV - N 72ND ST TO W BECKETT AV 02 3/30/2018 Final Restoration
W HOPE AV - N 60TH ST N 61ST ST 02 11/2/2018 Final Restoration
N JOYCE AV  -  W LYNX AV TO W MILL RD 02 7/17/2018 Pavement Restoration
W KAUL AV  -  N 84TH ST TO N 87TH ST 02 9/21/2018 Pavement Restoration
W LYNX AV  -  N 84TH ST TO N 89TH ST 02 7/5/2018 Pavement Restoration
W MARION ST - N 73RD ST N 74TH ST 02 10/16/2018 Final Restoration
W MONROVIA AV  -  W CROSSFIELD AV TO W BENDER AV 02 9/6/2018 Pavement Restoration
W PERKINS PL - W BECKETT AV TO W APPLETON AV 02 4/3/2018 Final Restoration
W SHERIDAN AV  -  N 92ND ST TO N 95TH ST 02 Pending  
W STARK ST/ N 77TH ST  -  N 76TH ST TO W HAMPTON AV 02 4/23/2018 Final Restoration
W WINFIELD AV  -  W BENDER AV TO 190' E/0 N 89TH ST 02 8/29/2018 Pavement Restoration
N MARSHALL ST  -  E PLEASANT ST TO E BRADY ST 03 6/4/2018 Final Restoration
N CASS ST - E STATE ST TO E JUNEAU AV 04 11/26/2018 Final Restoration
W VLIET ST  -  N 12TH ST TO N 27TH ST 04 6/11/2018 Final Restoration
W WISCONSIN AV  -  N 20TH ST TO N 38TH ST 04 4/23/2018 Pavement Restoration
N 77TH ST / W POTOMAC AV - W FIEBRANTZ AV TO N 80TH ST 05 10/17/2018 Final Restoration
N 84TH ST (E/S) - W HOPE AV TO W MARION ST 05 10/4/2018  Final Restoration
N 87TH ST  -  W ARDEN PL TO W PALMETTO AV 05 8/1/2018 Final Restoration
N 87TH ST  -  W CAPITOL DR TO W FIEBRANTZ AV 05 9/11/2018 Final Restoration
N 92ND ST (BOTH SIDES)  -  W CENTER ST TO W LOCUST ST 05 10/25/2018 Final Restoration
W AUER AV  -  N 84TH ST TO N 85TH ST 05 7/20/2018 Final Restoration
W ELMORE AV  -  N WILLIS PL TO N 94TH ST 05 9/17/2018 Final Restoration
W FIEBRANTZ AV  -  N 88TH ST TO N 89TH ST 05 9/10/2018 Final Restoration
W GLENDALE AV  -  N 84TH ST TO N 87TH ST 05 7/24/2018 Final Restoration
W HADLEY ST  -  N 91ST ST TO 320' W/O N 92ND ST 05 10/31/2018 Final Restoration
W HERBERT AV  -  W HAMPTON AV TO N 90TH ST 05 9/19/2018 Final Restoration
W RUBY AV / N 88TH ST  -  N 85TH ST TO W LAWRENCE AV 05 9/11/2018 Final Restoration
W LOCUST ST - N DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, J TO N 4TH ST 06 10/11/2018 Final Restoration
N 46TH ST - 470' North of W GLENDALE AV TO W HAMPTON AV 07 4/5/2018 Final Restoration
N 48TH ST - W CAPITOL DR TO W MARION ST 07 10/25/2018 Final Restoration
N 49TH ST - W CONGRESS ST TO 400' North of W CONGRESS ST 07 4/13/2018 Final Restoration
N 51ST BL - W HOPE AV TO W CONGRESS ST 07 10/18/2018 Final Restoration
N 52ND ST - W HOPE AV TO W CONGRESS ST 07 11/1/2018 Pavement Restoration
N 56TH ST - W LEON TR TO 400' N/O W CONGRESS ST 07 11/2/2018 Final Restoration
N 57TH ST  -  W HAMPTON AV TO W VILLARD AV 07 10/8/2018 Pavement Restoration
W CONGRESS ST (S/S)  -  N 40TH ST TO N 41ST ST 07 4/9/2018 Final Restoration
W LOCUST ST  -  N 29TH ST TO W FOND DU LAC AV 07 3/29/2018 Final Restoration
W MARION ST - N 50TH ST TO N 51ST BL 07 10/30/2018 Final Restoration
W VANCE PL - N 56TH ST TO W FOND DU LAC AV 07 11/9/2018 Final Restoration
W VILLARD AV  -  N 56TH ST TO N 60TH ST 07 8/20/2018 Final Restoration
W GREENFIELD AV  -  S CESAR E CHAVEZ DR TO S 35TH ST  08 5/2/2018 Pavement Restoration
W LINCOLN AV (S/S)  -  S 37TH ST 08 9/24/2018 Final Restoration
W MICHIGAN ST - N 91ST ST TO N 92ND ST 10 10/17/2018 Final Restoration
S 52ND ST  -  W CRAWFORD AV TO W HOWARD AV 11 7/16/2018 Final Restoration
S 61ST ST  -  W MONTANA ST TO W OKLAHOMA AV 11 5/9/2018 Final Restoration
S 70TH ST  -  W EUCLID AV TO 160' South of W OHIO AV 11 4/13/2018 Final Restoration
S 73RD ST  -  W HOLT CT TO W MORGAN AV 11 5/2/2018 Final Restoration
S 75TH ST  -  W VERONA CT TO W MORGAN AV 11 4/30/2018 Final Restoration
S 84TH ST  -  W MORGAN AV TO W WARNIMONT AV 11 5/3/2018 Final Restoration
W ANDOVER RD - W JERELYN PL TO W CLEVELAND AV 11 10/22/2018 Final Restoration
W CRAWFORD AV  -   S 51ST ST TO S 53RD ST 11 7/30/2018 Final Restoration
W EUCLID AV  -  S 68TH ST S 70TH ST 11 4/26/2018 Final Restoration
W MONTANA ST  -  S 55TH ST TO S 58TH ST 11 6/13/2018 Final Restoration
W MONTROSE AV - W SUMAC PL (E) TO W SUMAC PL (W) 11 10/15/2018 Final Restoration
W OKLAHOMA AV - S 49TH ST TO S 60TH ST 11 5/2/2018 Pavement Restoration
W SUMAC PL - W KINNICKINNIC RIVER PK TO W MONTROSE AV (E) 11 10/15/2018 Final Restoration
W WEDGEWOOD DR  -  S 68TH ST TO S HONEY CREEK DR 11 5/7/2018 Final Restoration
S 15TH ST  -  W GREENFIELD AV TO W LAPHAM BL 12 7/9/2018 Final Restoration
W LAPHAM BL  -  S 12TH ST TO S 15TH PL 12 7/9/2018 Final Restoration
W ORCHARD ST  -  S 13TH ST TO S 15TH ST 12 10/2/2018 Final Restoration
S 16TH ST - 310' North of W HOLMES AV TO W HOLMES AV 13 3/26/2018 Final Restoration
S 18TH ST - W WHITAKER AV TO W BOTTSFORD AV 13 10/30/2018 Final Restoration
S 24TH ST  -  W WARNIMONT AV TO W WILBUR AV 13 7/19/2018 Final Restoration
S LOGAN AV - S WHITNALL AV TO E PRICE CT 13 10/2/2018 Pavement Restoration
S HOWELL AV -  E LAYTON AV TO E GRANGE AV 13 6/27/2018 Pavement Restoration
E VAN NORMAN AV - S LENOX ST TO S LOGAN AV  13 10/23/2018 Final Restoration
W WHITAKER AV - 360' E/O S 18TH ST TO S 18TH ST 13 10/26/2018 Final Restoration
S GRIFFIN AV  -  620' N/O E HOWARD AV TO E HOWARD AV 14 8/24/2018 Final Restoration
S QUINCY AV / S QUINCY CT  -  E MORGAN AV TO 215' S/O E WILBUR AV 14 8/13/2018 Final Restoration
E TRIPOLI AV  -  S CLEMENT AV TO S HANSON AV 14 9/4/2018 Final Restoration
N 33RD ST - 30' N/O W NORTH AV TO W MEINECKE AV 15 10/15/2018 Pavement Restoration



Suburban Retail Customer Projects


Start Date


S 108TH ST - W BELOIT RD TO W HOWARD AV Greenfield 6/20/2018 Pavement Restoration
S 108TH ST - W EDGERTON AV TO W COLLEGE AV Hales Corners 4/4/2018 Work on Hold

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