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Information about the South Hawley Road Main Break

About the main break

The break of a 16-inch water main in Hawley Road led to flooding of the street and parts of the adjacent neighborhood.

Analysis and Findings

Click on a date below to view photos taken to document the main break, the Milwaukee Water Works (MWW) response, and the section of pipe recovered from South Hawley Road.

Dec 28, 2019  (25 photos) 
Dec 29, 2019-1 (25 photos)
Dec 29, 2019-2 (17 photos)
Dec 29, 2019-3 (16 photos)
Jan 2, 2020-1 (17 photos)
Jan 2, 2020-2 (25 photos)
Jan 3, 2020 (3 photos)
Jan 6, 2020 (8 photos)

Anderson Laboratories, Inc. Report
As part of the response to the water main failure, two sections of 16” diameter water main were removed from West Dixon Street (extended) and returned to the DPW Field Headquarters. These sections of pipe included both ends of the pipe where the break occurred and a section where the pipe was intact. The pipe sections were inspected by MWW staff using non-destructive methods to measure, mark and photograph areas of interest. The most notable observations were the longitudinal crack along the pipe and pitting on the pipe due to corrosion.  

MWW arranged to have a material evaluation of the pipe performed by Anderson Laboratories, Inc. This evaluation included chemical analysis, mechanical testing and microstructural evaluation of the failed pipe sections and the section of pipe which was found intact.

The results of the mechanical and chemical analysis were the same for the failed area of pipe and the intact or cut area of pipe.  According to the Anderson report, “The microstructure is inherently brittle and would have significantly contributed to the fracture failure of the water pipe.” The samples examined had a high phosphorous content which is not typical of modern gray iron production.

The Anderson Laboratories analysis also reported on the corrosion pitting on the outside pipe surface. According to the report, “This corrosive attack would have provided stress concentrating sites susceptible to fracture initiation.” The conclusion of the Anderson Laboratories report indicates that the combined impacts of the external corrosion and external compression stress on the pipe wall are likely contributing factors of the failure of the 16” diameter water main.

From the archives
March 7, 1960 Design of the 48" water main in South Hawley Road and the 16” main in West Dixon Street
March 23 and April 4, 1961 Construction Reports indicating the mains were installed

Did you have property damage? 

Here are instructions for filing a claim with the City of Milwaukee. Call or email the Milwaukee Water Works Claims Specialist at (414) 286-2928

  • The claimant must comply with Section 893.80(1), Wis. Stats., which requires the claimant, or his/her agent or attorney to submit a signed document to the City Clerk’s Office within 120 days from the date of the event describing the circumstances of the claim. 
  • The document should include the date, time, and location of the incident. 
  • The document should include your address, daytime phone number, and e-mail address, if any, along with a statement of the relief sought. If monetary damages are sought, a specific sum must be stated. 
  • Proof of the amount of the claim by means of itemized receipts or two (2) itemized estimates. 
  • Submit all information to:
    City Clerk
    Attn: CLAIMS
    200 East Wells Street, Room 205
    Milwaukee, WI 53202-3567

Filing a claim against the City does not automatically guarantee reimbursement from the City. Each claim is examined on an individual basis to determine if reimbursement is legally required. Only the City Attorney or the Common Council and Mayor can authorize payment of a claim against the City. Any other representations made by City employees are not legally binding on the City. 

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