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The City of Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Water Works do not endorse insurance policies or warranties for water service line or sewer laterals.

A company named Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA) is mailing letters to City of Milwaukee properties demanding a response within 30 days as it tries to sell "service line insurance." The City of Milwaukee does not require or endorse this type of product. 

Here are the letter and the brochure that SLWA is mailing.

The service lines connect the water main in the street to your property. A sewer lateral pipe connects the large collector sewer in the street to your property. A section of the water service line and a section of the sewer lateral belong to the property owner. Repair and maintenance of both are the responsibility of the property owner. The insurance programs are optional. You are not obligated to purchase the insurance. If you are concerned, contact your property insurance company to see if you already are covered for a service line or lateral damage incident, and if they feel such coverage is warranted.   

About 10 years ago, the Common Council passed a resolution to allow SLWA to mail solicitations to our customers. However, later Common Council action ended the agreement. But the firm continues to send mailings to the property address list the city had previously provided. The company is not permitted to use the City of Milwaukee logo or include wording that states the City of Milwaukee endorsed their product. 

Customers frequently ask us at community meetings why they must continue to pay insurance on their sewer lateral. The city does not require customers to purchase service line warranties. You may cancel the policy if you wish.

Our customers also tell us they frequently receive sales pitches and promotional materials for water-related products and services. Here's what you should know:

  • The Milwaukee Water Works does not endorse or promote products or services unless directed to do so by the Mayor and Common Council.
  • In these rare cases, we will send you clear and direct notification about the product or service.
  • We do not offer or conduct in-home water tests or inspections unless the property owner requests such a service.
  • We cannot judge whether or not a company is reputable, so we recommend you contact the company or the Better Business Bureau to learn about the firm before purchasing any service.
  • HomeServe USA Repair Management Corp. frequently mails letters to property owners asking for credit/debit card information and a response within 30 days. These advertising materials may trick customers into thinking the company is affiliated with local government and lead them to buy services they don't need. HomeServe recently sent letters to AARP members.



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