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Storm Drain Inlet Protection



Code References

  • "All storm drain inlets shall be protected with a straw bale, frame with filter fabric or equivalent barrier meeting accepted design criteria, standards and specifications." (Reference: Section 290-7.2.d of the City Code of Ordinances).
  • "Downslope, on-site public sewer inlets shall be protected with erosion control procedures." (Reference: Section Comm 21.125(1)(e) of the Wisconsin Administrative Code).
  • "Protect separate storm drain inlet structures from receiving sediment." (Reference: Section NR 151.11(6)(c)(3) of the Wisconsin Administrative Code).

 Quick Tips

  • Inlet protection shall be inspected weekly at minimum and within 24 hours after a precipitation event of 0.5 inches or greater.
  • Sediment deposits shall be removed from inlet protection devices when the sediment has accumulated to between 1/3 and 1/2 the design depth of the device or when the device is no longer functioning as designed.
  • Care shall be taken to ensure that sediment does not fall into inlets during the cleaning of protective devices.
  • Silt fence fabric shall not be used for inlet protection.

Applicable Standards

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