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Construction Site Seeding



Code References

  • "All disturbed ground left inactive for 10 or more days shall be stabilized by seeding or sodding, or by mulching or covering, or other equivalent control measure." (Reference: Section 290-7.2.e-3 of the City Code of Ordinances).
  • "If {soil or dirt storage piles are} remaining for more than 10 days, they shall be stabilized by mulching, vegetative cover, tarps, or other means." (Reference: Section 290-7.2.e-6 of the City Code of Ordinances).

Quick Tips

  • Seeding shall be inspected weekly at minimum and within 24 hours after a precipitation event of 0.5 inches or greater.  Continue to inspect seeded areas on a weekly basis through the growing season or until vegetation is densely established.
  • Seeded areas showing erosion damage shall be repaired and reseeded.
  • Temporary seeding shall be applied on a minimum 2-inch deep seedbed of loose soil.
  • Permanment seeding shall be applied on a minimum 4-inch deep seedbed of loose topsoil with the ability to support a dense vegetative cover.
  • Rocks, twigs, foreign materials, and clods over 2-inches shall be removed or broken down prior to seeding.
  • Seed shall be applied no more than 1/4 inch deep.
  • Perform a soil test prior to applying fertilizer to avoid over-application of fertilizer.

Applicable Standard

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