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Non-Channel Erosion Mat


Code References

  • "All disturbed ground left inactive for 10 or more days shall be stabilized by seeding or sodding, or by mulching or covering, or other equivalent control measure." (Reference: Section 290-7.2.e-3 of the City Code of Ordinances).
  • "If {soil or dirt storage piles are} remaining for more than 10 days, they shall be stabilized by mulching, vegetative cover, tarps, or other means." (Reference: Section 290-7.2.e-6 of the City Code of Ordinances).
  • "Slopes greater than or equal to 12% with a down slope length of 10 feet or more, are not considered stabilized with seeding and mulching unless used in conjunction with a tackifier, netting, or matting." (Reference: Section Comm 21.125(b) of the Wisconsin Administrative Code).

Quick Tips

  • Erosion mat shall be inspected weekly at minimum and within 24 hours after a precipitation event of 0.5 inches or greater.
  • Install more staples or more frequent anchor trenches if rilling under the mat is observed during inspections.
  • Non-channel erosion mat shall be used on erodible slopes only.  For areas where runoff channelizes, see "Channel Erosion Mat". 
  • The erosion mat shall be installed and anchored in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • The erosion mat shall be installed after placing any topsoil, fertilizer, lime, or seed.
  • The erosion mat shall be maintained to keep complete and firm contact with the underlying soil.

Applicable Standard

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