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Ditch Checks


Code References

  • "For sites with less than 5 acres disturbed at one time, filter fences, straw bales or equivalent control measures shall be placed along all side slope and down slope sides of the site. (Reference: Section 290-7.2.e-5 of the City Code of Ordinances).
  • "Erosion control measures shall be placed along down slope areas and along side slope areas as required to prevent or reduce erosion where erosion during construction will result in a loss of soil to waters of the state, public sewer inlets or off-site." (Reference: Section Comm 21.125(1)(a) of the Wisconsin Administrative Code).

Quick Tips

  • Ditch checks shall be inspected weekly at minimum and within 24 hours after a precipitation event of 0.5 inches or greater.
  • Sediment deposits shall be properly disposed of when the deposits have accumulated to 1/2 the height of the ditch check.
  • Ditch checks shall be made of biodegradable materials (hay typically) or stone.  Normally, manufactured ditch checks, made of synthetic materials, are also acceptable.
  • Ditch checks shall be installed with the center of the check lower than the sides.
  • At minimum, ditch checks shall be placed at an interval of one check for every two feet of surface elevation drop.
  • Hay bale ditch checks shall be at least two bales wide and entrenched at least 4".
  • Silt fence and single rows of hay bales are not acceptable as ditch checks.
  • To prevent scour, channel erosion mat or other non-erodible materials shall be placed at the base of each ditch check and extended down slope a minimum of 6 feet from the check.

Applicable Standards

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