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DNS Info Sheets - Resource Page

Below is a list of information sheets that are available for download below and at the Permit & Development Center.

See also: Building Permit Checklist - Does it Need a Permit?

Commercial and Multi-Family Properties

Contractor Credentialing

Historic Properties

Occupancy and Conditional Permits

When you establish your business, church, agency, school or organization in a new or existing building, you need a Certificate of Occupancy before you open your doors. Certificates of Occupancy also are required for parking lots and commercial storage buildings. They are not required for one- and two-family homes unless an inspector has issued a placard or the house has been vacant for more than six months. Complete the Occupancy Application in the Land Management System (LMS)

Occupancy - Day Cares, Group Homes


One and Two-Family Homes

Plan Reviews and Fee Schedules

Raze, Demolition, Deconstruction and Moving

Site Planning and Development 

Temporary Event Permits


Additional Helpful Links



BOZA - Board of Zoning Appeals